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Yellowpee is the place where I blog about my triathlon training and random, loosely associated thoughts. You are very welcome to have a browse through the posts, and if you find anything of interest or use, please feel free to leave comments…

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Moose Run 25k 2014
Another early start to drive the 2 hours and a bit to Eastern Passage for the annual pilgramage to the Moose Run 25km. This is not a race, times and placings are recorded but there are no prizes for winners. Many folks aiming for Boston, or another spring marathon, use it as a tune-up run, […]

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  • February 27, 2014
    2014 Race Plans
    Trying to work out the best time to run a BQ marathon is proving the biggest hurdle. I’m not going to be fit enough for an early Spring marathon, and anything later interferes, long runs, high mileage and post-race recovery, on plans to race half-ironman. However, I’ve just about reached a conclusion. After early season […]
  • November 21, 2013
    … and so we begin again
    I do believe that I am finally recovering from the double achilles injuries that have plagued me since July 2013. If you have been following along, you’ll remember that in the run up to Iron Dartmouth, I got some tendonitis in both ankles. It morphed a little, but ended up that both achilles tendons were […]
  • October 6, 2013
    Riverport Duathlon
    This is our club race, and as one of the last multisport races of the season it’s always a popular one. The Bridgewater Triathlon Club have to cap entries, and this year the limit was reached a few hours after opening up. I was filled with uncertainty about competing, as I had been battling various […]
  • September 28, 2013
    Rum Runner’s Relay
    Holy crap! Where did that come from! What a stunning day for this fantastic race though. Teams of 10 run from the outskirts of Halifax to Lunenburg. Each of the 10 legs vary in distance, though not so much in difficulty. This year I ran for one of the local South Shore teams, competing in […]
  • September 9, 2013
    Bert Corkum 5 Mile
    It was with some trepidation that I followed through with my plan to run this race. Right up until warmup, I was swithering whether it was a good idea. Was the uncertainty physical, or mental? Probably a bit of both. This would be my first race since Epic, and only my third race this year, […]