2014 Race Plans

Trying to work out the best time to run a BQ marathon is proving the biggest hurdle. I’m not going to be fit enough for an early Spring marathon, and anything later interferes, long runs, high mileage and post-race recovery, on plans to race half-ironman.

However, I’ve just about reached a conclusion. After early season working on some speed for half-marathon and a couple of sprint tris, I’m thinking of racing the Challenge St. Andrews half-ironman in early July. I can then either spend a few weeks building run mileage with the Yarmouth marathon as a BQ, or I can aim at another triathlon in August and then concentrate on a fall marathon. The downside of that is that it would be for Boston 2016.

So, first goal race is the It’s a Shore Thing half marathon in Liverpool, May 3rd. Aiming to get as close to 90mins as possible.

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