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March 10, 2013

Beautiful day – almost felt like Spring! Not wildly warm, but blue sunny skies and at least a promise of warmer temperatures.

Ran the 20k around Hibernia Rd. I didn’t really need to run 20, but I wanted to check that my knee was capable of a longer run in advance of committing to next week’s Moose Run 25k race. No trouble at all… I felt pretty good all the way round

March 9, 2013

Stomping the miles out this week – looks like I’m going over my planned hours, but feeling great, so I’m just going with it.

Long bike day. Started with the intention of another day in the basement, but Eurosport wasn’t showing either Paris-Nice or Tirenno-Adriatico races today, and the sun looked as though it might actually shine, so I ventured out of doors, despite a fairly stiff chilly nor’easter. I almost regretted my decision as it turned out to be pretty baltic and after 50km I looped back to the house for a bite to eat and a warm-up, at least my water bottles didn’t freeze like last time! Bravely set out once again, in the other direction for another 55km. Not a fast paced ride, but a good 105km in the sun.

Hopped off and discovered I couldn’t feel my feet. Despite that, I ran 6km in a shade over 30mins, and by the end, at least a little feeling had returned! Wasn’t a bad run, but I have to remember to keep on top of nutrition on long training days. I should really have had a gel, or a half bottle of energy drink before running, even for a short run – it’s good practice, and I was starting to run out of steam.

I ordered a rear bottle cage (Xlab Delta 300), because only having one frame cage, and an aero front bottle is not going to be enough, especially once the weather warms up – there aren’t many places around that I can stop to fill them either. Once my long rides get up to 5 or 6 hours, even this is going to be a problem, but I didn’t want a double rear hydration system – I my come to regret this.

March 8, 2013

With swapping yesterday’s session for today’s, I was now looking at fitting in a bike and run of around an hour each. However, I was planning to work from home, so fitting in the first session this morning was easy, and I didn’t even have to get up at the crack of dawn, just 6:30am.

Decided to bike again after last night’s session, and tackled Angels, my long time favourite. Legs felt great and I gave it a good go.

Went to the docs at lunchtime for the results of the x-rays and bloodwork from the other week. No great shakes. A bit of degenerative change in my knee, blah blah blah…

Ran the 11k route to Echo Lodge Road. Out at a good clip, turned around into a headwind and realised that I probably hadn’t eaten enough today! Picked it up though and ran a very even split. Felt great – I am just loving running at the moment – I always do, but especially at the moment. I wonder if it will translate into race results?!

Oh, and my new front wheel arrived today too. Looks great, more on this at some point…

March 7, 2013

I decided to swap around today and tomorrow’s workouts, so today was now just a bike session which I could do in the evening. Made it my first full go at Blender, the most recent offering from the Sufferfest.

This is longer than any of the others, at 100 minutes and is very structured. The workout is planned all the way through with sections of tempo riding, attacking sprints and recovery. All in all, the time went past more quickly than it might have and whilst I don’t think this will become my favourite, it’s another great training tool.

March 6, 2013

Set off running before 6am this morning, into the ice and snow and pitch dark! Loved it. Once my legs woke up, I enjoyed being out. Ran 11k or so, at ‘base’ pace. In bed last night, I was a bit worried that my knee was going to bother me, but it didn’t, certainly once I got going. This week will certainly be a test, because the plan is to raise my mileage up over 50k, with a long run of 20k or so. This time last year, I was hitting 70k/week, but not as much biking, and overall hours are a good bit higher. Having said that, I won’t be properly comfortable until my running mileage is up to 60km/week, and hopefully pain free!

Evening swim with the tri club coached session was great too. 250m swim, 150m kick warmup. Main set: 6 x 50m swim, 300 pull, 5 x 50 swim, 250 pull, 4 x 50 swim, 150 pull, 3 x 50 swim. Then 100 bilateral breathing, 100 kick no board, 100 bilateral, 100 any stroke other than fc. Even on one swim per week, I feel like I am improving. Can’t wait to get open water. Ordered a pair of neoprene swim gloves today.

March 5, 2013

Early start. On the bike in basement before 6am for A Very Dark Place. Always tough to give it 100% at this time of day, but after a sluggish start, I managed to give it a decent effort.

Out for a run at lunchtime.Only had time for 7k or so, and I had wanted this to be the first intervals session of the year. Unfortunately, there is no track that I know of in Liverpool, especially not one buried in snow still, and I don’t know the roads well enough to find one that is fairly quiet, flat and measurable. So, I just ended up running along the waterfront path, which only took a minute, and just did 3 reps. Ah well, felt good anyway. I feel like I’m actually running well for this stage in the year, despite the knee problems that I’ve had. I have to get this interval session worked out though, becuase it’s liable to have to fit into a Tuesday lunchtime for the next few weeks.