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December 23rd, 2012

Man, that was toughest run I’ve had to endure for quite a while.

Had a good night’s sleep, but then messed up the morning trying to move the hen houses. That involved getting the truck stuck in the mud, having to get the tractor going to haul it out etc. etc.

Set off for a 21k jaunt around Hibernia Rd. in -7C and snow flurries. Left knee was sore but runnable on. Never really loosened up though. Last couple of km were painful – my ankle was playing up by then and any time I had to hop off the road twisted it. Glad to get home.

Was thinking, though, how it’s sessions like these that iron goals are made by. Mental strength to keep on keeping on…

Decided to abandon the 3rd day of Sufferfestukah though! Call me a disgrace to the Sufferlandrian nation! Maybe I’ll fit the extra bikes in next week.

Ok, new week coming up. Knees and ankles feel ok again now – need to be a little bit careful. Otherwise, the plan is to bash some decent mileages out whilst I’m on holiday and take a recovery week the week after.

December 22nd, 2012

Ooft, tough day. Had such a blast yesterday that I went and spoiled it all by celebrating the first evening of my vacation with too much Captain Morgan!

Wasn’t hungover this morning but a little lacklustre! However, I bashed on with a 2:30 cycle on the trainer, followed by a 6k tempo run as a brick.

Watched the final hour of the Aussies Abroad Kona 2012 coverage, and great coverage it was too – if you ignore Liggett making like he knows the ironman world champs inside out.

Followed that with Angels – day 2 of Sufferfestukah! Didn’t hit 100% to be honest, made a decent effort of it though. Now, Angels is probably my fave Sufferfest session. I love the structure, the music, the vibe of this one. Stand out tracks are hard to pick, but I’ve long been a fan of ‘Midas’ by Tokyo – “In my dreams, I see white castles, beautiful as gold”, ‘Deep Sea Diver’ by Heifervescent – “the lengths that I must go to, to keep the flies away”, and the dubstep track part way up d’Huez, which is unlisted. Then, I finished off with a half hour episode of the ironman tv show.

Hopped off the bike, changed out of my drenched bike longs and went for a run. Set off hard but the pace caught with me on the way back. This wasn’t a bad thing as it reminded me that I shouldn’t be going eyeballs out at this of year, yet also reminded me about the evils of hard liquor, low calories and dehydration – lessons I need reminding of periodically! Still a decent run though.

I feel absolutely beat tonight though and at 9pm am contemplating the pleasures of bed. Tomorrow should be long run day – hmm…

December 21st, 2012

Funny how great training days sometimes come out of nowhere…

I had intended to get up early and run in Liverpool before work, but events transpired against me, and so I didn’t. Cunning plan, Plan B, was to run at lunchtime, which I did and it was great. Ran up to Nickerson’s Pond, which is roughly 1k flat, 3k uphill, 3k downhill and 1k flat – 8k run at ‘sweet spot’ aero threshold, not because I was aiming at a pace, but it just felt right. My left knee is still causing me to limp when walking, but is painless when running! It feels like the vastus medialis has been used hard with biking and is use-sore – not injured, just achy like any other muscle can be. Aerobically, I feel great.

Got home and was feeling sleepy, cajolled myself into a bike session. It’s the first day of Sufferfestukah, thanks to Elle and Webb at triathletesjourney and so I lined up Downward Spiral as today’s beating. I did it. This is a great intervals session, descending from 2mins to 15s firstly over the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix. Love this part. Maybe it’s the kind of rider I am, but I can really feel the type of riding needed to power over those roads. The second section is a bit more out of the saddle and was the kind of hard work that made my vastus medialis throb in the first place! Managed to put a good effort – what a surprisingly good day’s effort!
Breakout track for the day from Downward Spiral… hmm… either ‘Breakdown‘ by Myranda Wheeler, or Fake’s ‘1,2,3,4‘ – neither sound so good out of context though!

December 20th, 2012

Much better day. Working from home, so managed a 10k run at lunchtime and an hour on the bike, plus a half hour strength workout.

30, 25, 20, 15, 10 = 100 pushups, plus planks and some swim cord exercises.

Ran to Echo Lodge Road, out and back in the snow. I thought my knee might be sore, but in fact I didn’t feel it running at all. I just gently negatively splat (split past tense?) the run, but gently only…

Bike was The Wretched sufferfest, and I made a good effort of it. Again, no leg pains. Back to feeling strong on the bike – nice.

December 19th, 2012

Got up early to fit in the absent bike ride from the day before. Not quite early enough. Only managed a Sufferfest ‘The Long Scream’ 30 minutes TT effort. My legs took a while to wake up and I generally felt like crap, however, something is always better than nothing.

Should have been the final masters swim session, but the snow started falling… I held on in town, got some shopping done and set off for Lunenburg to the pool. I got about halfway before deciding to turn around and head home. The roads were getting deeply covered and messy, even where the plow had been through. Got home slowly, it was the right decision, but did mean that I missed the last session :-( I’m only managing one swim per week as it is, so that was a blow.

Not a great day really. Left knee and right calf both complaining. I think the big hours last week are taking their toll.

December 18th, 2012

Yesterday was a needed rest day. Last week was in excess of 11 hours and I felt it.

Today was a 8k at lunchtime, working from home. Fartlek really, gentle intervals. Ran a 400 in 1:34, which is reasonably for the time of year. Not planning to run much speedwork until into the new year, but as a reminder and loosener, this was good. Just did 6 or so ‘pickups’ of random distances, not all out, but enough to remind my legs what race pace is.

Missed tonight’s bike session due to the school xmas concert. Will try to fit it in early tomorrow before work.