Heart Rate Zone Calculators

Rubber Glove Cycling FTP

The first calculator will take the ‘FTP’ value from the cycling test, Rubber Glove, by thesufferfest.com, and when you enter your average heart rate value from the 20min test, it will display the heart rate zones, according to the accompanying notes. You don’t have to use Rubber Glove to get this figure though, any 20min cycling maximum effort will do – the important part is recording the average heart rate.

FTP Heart Rate

Running Heart Rate Reserve Method – from Pfitzinger

This method requires that you have calculated your Maximal Heart Rate by carrying out a hard interval session and measuring the highest number your heart gets to – this will be accurate enough for the purpose. Failing that, you can enter your age, and the form will estimate your MHR using 207-(0.7 x age) when you click outside the box. You also need to know your Resting Heart Rate by measuring it, for example, when you first wake up in the morning.

Your Age or, Maximal Heart Rate
Resting Heart Rate

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