Riverport Duathlon

This is our club race, and as one of the last multisport races of the season it’s always a popular one. The Bridgewater Triathlon Club have to cap entries, and this year the limit was reached a few hours after opening up.

I was filled with uncertainty about competing, as I had been battling various injuries, including the calf pull from the Rum Runner’s Relay a couple of weeks before.

The pace on the first run was fairly quick, and as expected somewhere around 2.5km, my right calf pulled. I quickly lost places and contemplated pulling out of the race. I decided to get the bike ride done as it probably wouldn’t hurt it more, but I was a long way of the front by now. I actually rode the third fastest split of the day and brought myself back up to 5th place or so, but hopping off the bike, my calf once again complained. I struggled through the second run and lost another couple of places. Bah.

Despite the pain, the first run pace was actually 3:55/km! The bike 35.6km/h and the second run 4:31/km.

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