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April 27, 2013

Long bike day. Plan was for another 4 hour ride, but I haven’t been following the plan :-) Weather was sunny so I decided to go a little further than the last few weeks and ride out through Annapolis Royal, only another 10k or so. Still have a cold breeze to contend with, but even on the uphill way out into the headwind, I felt stronger. Neither did I stop for lunch in the middle, which I have been doing at Lequille. 2 energy bars, one bottle of Gatorade and two bottles of water, was just about right for the 137km which I rode at just over 31kph. Maybe another bite to eat would have been good, or another bottle of energy drink as well as / instead of the water. This fluid requirement changes as the temperature fluctuates quite dramatically, though I think the calorie requirement fluctuates less so. Last year, I figured on 200-250kCal/hour, so for a 4:24 ride 700cal or so was just a little short, which would line up with my gut feeling. I’d like to be riding these long days at 32/33kph without pushing, as that will be my race pace for ironman, and it’s not too far away. Starting to do more faster paced tempo rides outdoors should bring this up.

Hopped off straight into a 10k run. My legs were a little heavier than they have been, which is understandable by this stage in the week, I’ve been doing quite a lot of aero threshold / tempo running. Had a gel before I set off and carried a water bottle a little way down the road and this was ok, though another gel would probably have helped. I think on the day, at least one gel per 10k: 10k, 20k, 30k, 37k and a couple in hand.

All-in-all, another great training day.

April 26, 2013

Early start to get to Lunenburg to the pool before work. At least I was working in Bridgewater today, so I didn’t need to get there *quite* so early. Good swim. 600m wu, 10 x 40m dr, 5 x 200m @ 45s, 10 x 40m dr, 400m cd. 3:21, 3:22, 3:23, 3:27, 3:23 – lack of concentration on the 4th one. Not bad for an early morning swim after a hard brick last night.

Went for a run after work. 16km at aero threshold pace, in fact I ran this at 4:30min/km, which is on pace for a 3:09 marathon! Not sure if I could sustain it for 42km, but I could certainly manage a good few more kilometres at that.

Feeling great.

April 18, 2013

Took a half day vacation as the weather was good and I wanted to fit in a mid-long brick – I have been feeling like my cycling needs work and mid rides at race pace or aero threshold are going to be an effective way of bringing that on, and more brick sessions should also help my race run. It’s all very well being able to put out a series of sub-4 kilometre intervals, but running off the bike builds strength, confidence and pace awareness.

Rode out to the end of the road in the park and then up to the drive for the Mersey River Chalets and back which is 75k+, at the short end of what I want, but I don’t want to knock my pan in. It felt breezy on the way back, but I don’t think it was overly so, 2:05 for a 36kph+ avg. That’s more like the sort of pace I’m looking for. I was working on staying focused on my riding – not a bad ride.

Hopped off and ran the highway south 12k route. Another awesome run! Just about spot on for distance/time, but ran 4:50min/k for 12k after a 2 hour tempo ride. Feel great, but what is going on with this running malarky? Could have done with a shot of energy drink around halfway, but otherwise just ran smoothly and controlled at aero threshold.

Week 14 Review

This has been a great week’s training. The end of the week also coincides with the end of the month, so it’s a good point to look back on March and see how it compares.

Week first, 15 hours. The interval session on Tuesday was ok, my fastest 1km was 4:06, I think, which isn’t too far off the mark, and I think these splits will come down quite quickly now. Especially having my Newtons which fairly made a speed impact in their first outing. Having the Easter weekend, and a spell of cracking weather, meant that I could hit a few hard days.

I managed to run: intervals, an aero threshold mid-week mid-long run, a transition run from a long bike (at pace) and a long run, if the other run had been a proper tempo brick, that would have been perfect. 64km for the week, highest total for months.

I biked 250km, including a 125km long ride, a 60km aero threshold ride and a couple of sufferfests indoors. That’s not too bad a structure, to be honest. It’s unclear as to how many outdoors rides I’ll fit in over the next little while, so keeping the intensity of the sufferfests is ok, although I think steady state AeT rides are going to become more important – harder to do indoors maybe – would riding to heart rate work? Must research this a bit.

So, the month. The totals are pretty good; 10km swimming, 250km running and well over 1000km riding. April should see a much higher swim mileage, but not dramatically higher miles for bike/run.

Plan for the week – according to Fink, I would be racing an olympic distance triathlon at the weekend, which isn’t going to happen, so I have to make this week up. I’m tempted to step the hours back an hour or so, and push up the intensity, or even simulate a race. I want to try my Newtons in an interval session, and also possibly in a proper tempo brick.

Week 15 Review

This was a step-back week, so I aimed at 13 hours or so, not pushing things too hard. Job done.

I recovered from the race last Sunday reasonably well and the rest of the week structured accordingly. Not much more to say!

Building again next week, to a shade over 14 hours. Hopefully just a standard week. Wednesday is my final coached swim session for the winter and I have to put something else in place. I’m planning to take a month membership to the EmOcean pool in Lunenburg and hopefully make it through enough times to make it worthwhile – that should tide me over until the lakes open.

Running-wise, hoping to fit in an intervals session on Tuesday, and the aero threshold session in a longer run later in the week. Biking, there’s the group ride around the Aspotogan peninsula on Friday, which is around 80km – it would be good to do that and then a longer bike/transition on Saturday, or just extend that ride to 3.5 hours and do a faster brick session on Saturday.

January 15, 2013

Ran 6.5k at lunchtime. I need to work on simplifying the categories I have created for logging runs at RunningAhead – sometimes I call that pace aero threshold, sometimes goal marathon pace and other times tempo, though tempo tends to mean a bit harder yet. Anyway under 5min/k, not super quick, but it wasn’t supposed to be. I was a bit pushed for time, and wanted to get the km count!

Got home and after sorting everything that needed to be sorted, I finally got on my bike at 8:30pm. A good hour ride doing Downward Spiral from the sufferfest and I definitely worked hard at it. All in all, a decent training day, I guess.

Left knee still causing some grief, and right calf a bit niggly too now. Probably telling me I’m getting too old for this malarky. Oh well, they can tell away… not listening – lalalala.