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June 7, 2013

Alarm went off at 5:30am for a swim, but I was too tired and decided I needed sleep more. Fell back to sleep until 7am. Still tired. Ankle still sore.

It’s not actually that sore, but I don’t think I’d like run on it. Thankfully, that isn’t on the plan for today. Weather forecast is poor for tonight and tomorrow. If I can fit a swim in after work it would be good. I can always sit on my trainer later too.

Got a good hour’s swim in, amazingly consistent times – only 4 seconds different from last time! I feel like I’m swimming faster though – slightly frustrating to be honest.

After supper, I decided to sit on the trainer, and fitted in a Blender sufferfest session, 1:40 of hard work. Kudos to me for making the effort. Finished at 10:35pm! No time for beer, just a shower and bed! Wow, that’s dedication for a Friday night!

Ankle feels ok, swimming and biking don’t seem to harm it, so even if I can’t do a long run this weekend, I should be able to make the hours up.

May 16, 2013

Oi weary day. Up at 5:30am to swim in the lake. It was chilly out, and even the water was colder than it has been , probably due to the recent heavy rains. I was a little pushed for time, and my calves were threatening to cramp so I binned it a bit short, still 48mins though.

Tired all day, should have had a nap at lunchtime, but was too busy watching the Giro. Hungry a lot too.

Had to force myself into a bike ride this evening, and it had to wait until after supper which is always a struggle. However, I got Blender done on the trainer which gave me my hours, and put a fair effort into it despite the weariness.

Got to go to bed, I have to get back up early again either to swim or run – can’t decide which to do in the early morn and what to leave myself with for Friday evening.

May 2, 2013

Needed a decent night’s sleep, so no early session planned. Went for the mid-week brick instead. This week was always going to be a little schizophrenic , not quite being able to decide whether it’s a full on week, or a race simulation week with mini-taper. In practice, it’s a step-back week with hours 12-14 or so, maybe with a harder weekend. So far, so good.

So, despite the pleasant sunny day, it was also blowing pretty hard. I decided to wimp out, sort of, in favour of a Sufferfest session. Did Blender at fairly much full gas. Felt strong on the bike and hit all the intervals full on. That’s a 1:40 ride at pace.

Quick change, took time for food and fluid this time though, and out for a run.

Ran to Echo Lodge Rd which is about 10.5km. Ran out at a comfortable pace , turned and ran a strong negative split with the last 3 km approaching optimistic goal marathon pace. Great run, and a great session altogether.

April 6, 2013

I was concerned that this week’s running pace would have left me too tired for this weekend’s long stuff. I also made the decision to run long today as the forecast was better for Sunday for riding.

So, today I set off around Hibernia for a 20k+ run. Let myself run without thinking of pace and time. I fact the run went fine. Wasn’t too much of a struggle.

I even managed to fit Blender in this evening, to add 1:40:00 to the week’s tally.

March 23, 2013

Currently sitting watching IM Melbourne – great commentary by Phil Wrochna of firstofthebike.com – much as I like Greg Welch, these guys are actually good at commentating!

Tough day at this end. 3 hours on the trainer in the basement. Sufferfest double bill, Blender followed by Local Hero – wow, that is a brutal combination! I hit Blender quite hard, and then tried to hang on through Local Hero. Legs were blowing a bit towards the end, but I still managed to kick the final sprint!

Off a quick change to run 6km, and legs felt surprisingly ok. Clipped through in just over 30 mins without having to hammer – going by breath, it felt like a good aero threshold run – nice.

Bloody weather though. I want some warm outdoor riding, and to get in the lake ANYTIME SOON!

March 7, 2013

I decided to swap around today and tomorrow’s workouts, so today was now just a bike session which I could do in the evening. Made it my first full go at Blender, the most recent offering from the Sufferfest.

This is longer than any of the others, at 100 minutes and is very structured. The workout is planned all the way through with sections of tempo riding, attacking sprints and recovery. All in all, the time went past more quickly than it might have and whilst I don’t think this will become my favourite, it’s another great training tool.

March 3, 2013

Good day’s training, to round out a successful week – best, most solid week for a while. I hit my plan target of 12 hours, and still felt sprightly enough to be running a decent pace on my long run.

Easy 30 min on the bike this morning. I played the first part of the new Sufferfest video “Blender”, but the whole session is 100 min, and I just wanted to check that it had downloaded ok. I’ll give a full and proper ride soon, and report in.

Left my long run until early afternoon to provide a bit of separation and recovery. There’s still a lot of snow around, but the shoulders of the road are clear and soft, making it fairly easy underfoot. Ran down to Cameron’s Lake and back. I was surprised and happy to find that I got to the turn in 42:xx. This was supposed to be a Z1/Z2 long run, so I was conscious of not pushing the pace on the way back, other than inserting a 4:29/km at 12km. Back in 1:25:14, so a nice even split, at a decent pace.