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2014 Race Plans

Trying to work out the best time to run a BQ marathon is proving the biggest hurdle. I’m not going to be fit enough for an early Spring marathon, and anything later interferes, long runs, high mileage and post-race recovery, on plans to race half-ironman.

However, I’ve just about reached a conclusion. After early season working on some speed for half-marathon and a couple of sprint tris, I’m thinking of racing the Challenge St. Andrews half-ironman in early July. I can then either spend a few weeks building run mileage with the Yarmouth marathon as a BQ, or I can aim at another triathlon in August and then concentrate on a fall marathon. The downside of that is that it would be for Boston 2016.

So, first goal race is the It’s a Shore Thing half marathon in Liverpool, May 3rd. Aiming to get as close to 90mins as possible.

… and so we begin again

I do believe that I am finally recovering from the double achilles injuries that have plagued me since July 2013. If you have been following along, you’ll remember that in the run up to Iron Dartmouth, I got some tendonitis in both ankles. It morphed a little, but ended up that both achilles tendons were tender to the touch and very stiff and sore in the morning. Once I loosened up, over the course of the day, I could more or less walk and run normally. Running has been a little cautious though, and it messed up the remainder of the race season for me. The original plan for the year was to go for a BQ marathon time, but that plainly was not going to be possible.

A little frustrating, some would say. In the meantime, I have also changed jobs, in fact changed career entirely. All in all, it has been a very busy and fairly stressful year – here’s hoping things calm down a bit.

Sometime soon, I need to make the decisions about race season 2014. I’m so torn about doing iron distance again. I really would like to, but do I really have the time? Alternatively, I could train hard for half and aim at sub-5 at Bridgetown. I’d still like to run a BQ for racing Boston in 2015 – do I do that early or late season?

Anyway, training-wise, things are going reasonably well. I ran 8k this evening, on track for 50k+ week, and I’m running with little notice of the achilles problems. Mornings have definitely improved too – feel like it’s finally on the mend.

Back in the basement in Sufferlandria, cranked out 4:30 last week.

Haven’t been swimming for weeks – I was hoping that the new pool at LCLC would be open, but it’s nowhere near. Planning to make time for a weekly trip through to Lunenburg this side of xmas.

April 2, 2013

Early bike with The Wretched – worked on pushing a bigger gear, want some ‘force’ work to improve my ability to push hard when my legs are tired. Went well enough.

Tired leaving work, hungry too despite eating what seemed more than enough today. Had to ‘encourage’ myself out for a run, but once I got out, I had a belter! I wanted to do a set of 800s, so warmed up for 3k and then ran 6 x 800m @ 1min and a 1km warm down. The first rep was slow, but quickly improved and I ran the last 5 within 5s of each other, the third being the fastest at 3:00 even! That’s pretty fast for me, I think the shoes work! Holding that pace felt hard but doable and if you were to believe Bart Yasso, then running a BQ should be a piece of piss! We’ll see…

Hungry again this evening…