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March 29, 2013

Good Friday and I have a day off – woohoo, what shall I fill it with? I know, let’s have a major tri-fest!

Today, the sun was shining, kidding on that it was actually warm out, so I had to get out for a ride. Many of the BTC were taking part in the group ride around the Aspotogan Peninsula, an annual event attracting 50 or so riders of all abilities. I had intended to go, but really, driving 90 min to go for a 50km bike ride makes little sense. Instead, I rode up to Kejimkujik National Park to see if the buggers had taken the chain from across the entrance yet. They had, and the road was clear of snow, so I rode 60km at aero threshold pace. This is the kind of bike session I need to be working on.

I waited until later in the day to run, and then ran the Echo Lodge Rd. 10km route at a reasonably gentle pace. Lovely weather, felt almost like Spring, and good day’s training.

March 20, 2013

Up early for another sufferfest ride, this time There Is No Try.

Turned out I had to take another vacation day, as the main sewer pipe for the house had collapsed and was leaking into the basement, so we spent the rest of the morning digging it up and replacing the broken join – that went more smoothly than it might have, to be honest! Still a pretty shitty job though…

Even though I was home for the day, I made the effort to drive through to Lunenburg for the tri club swim session. Another hard effort, and it certainly makes me feel as though I worked out, but I’m starting to panic a little about fitting distance swims in. I think I may have to take a month membership to the pool and just make the journey through – until the lakes are open, which could easily be a month away. One more BTC session in the block next week, need to plan when else I can get through.

Week 16 Review

Good solid week, a bit more tired than previous weeks, so I need to be a bit careful of overtraining, especially since the past 2 weeks have not only been the two biggest weeks in recorded history, have also been a hour each over the plan I’m vaguely following.

Tuesday’s 800m intervals was good, the long bike outdoors went reasonably well, and the first race of the year was satisfactory at least.

The new bike bottle cage looks the business, but I need new race shoes – looking at the Newton Motion. I’ve hardly played with my new race wheel – it’s still in the box – I have to decide if I can afford the back wheel, or just get an aero cover for the Ksyrium.

This week, I should reduce the hours to under 14. That’s just a shorter long ride and long run at the weekend, I think. Most else is the same. Hoping the forecast snow storm doesn’t knock out the swim session on Wednesday.

I also have to think about swimming after March – do I sign up for another block, or start making my own sessions. Frequency? Open water in April? Tri camp for the BTC is coming up, and I haven’t committed to any other imminent races yet – do I plan to run the local 5k’s as tempo within a longer ride/run?