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Moose Run 25k 2014

Another early start to drive the 2 hours and a bit to Eastern Passage for the annual pilgramage to the Moose Run 25km.

This is not a race, times and placings are recorded but there are no prizes for winners. Many folks aiming for Boston, or another spring marathon, use it as a tune-up run, and others as a useful benchmark to see where you are at after the winter.

Apart from the strong winds, and a blizzard, it wasn’t too too cold and finished in sunshine, but the hills are killers on this route and you have to work bloody hard. I wasn’t feeling 100% for racing, but set off ok, keeping a steady but solid pace, and went through the turnaround in 59:xx, which is deceptive as there is a dogs-leg in the outbound. I increasingly struggled to keep the pace going. My ankles weren’t particularly sore, but the hip flexors on the left side were, and the ball of my right foot became very sore. I don’t think it’s a varucca but that’s what it feels like, the Mizuno shoes seem to exacerbate the problem. Need another shoe change :-(

Anyway, I struggling painfully in, rallying a little in the final mile, and eventually finished 11 seconds faster than last year. I *think* I was 21st which would be the same placing as last year too, but some of those in front may have been relay teams, impossible to tell. 205 registered runners. Job done, I have an idea of what needs attention – longer runs, and longer tempo work basically.

So, I signed up for Challenge St. Andrews, along with Mirinda Carfrae and Tim O’Donnell! It’s shaping up to be an awesome race. Managed to get back swimming x 1 this past couple of weeks, swimming around 1:45 / 100m which isn’t too bad.

Need to shed a few pounds, maybe 2 kilos and keep the strength work going, otherwise I’m doing ok.

2014 Race Plans

Trying to work out the best time to run a BQ marathon is proving the biggest hurdle. I’m not going to be fit enough for an early Spring marathon, and anything later interferes, long runs, high mileage and post-race recovery, on plans to race half-ironman.

However, I’ve just about reached a conclusion. After early season working on some speed for half-marathon and a couple of sprint tris, I’m thinking of racing the Challenge St. Andrews half-ironman in early July. I can then either spend a few weeks building run mileage with the Yarmouth marathon as a BQ, or I can aim at another triathlon in August and then concentrate on a fall marathon. The downside of that is that it would be for Boston 2016.

So, first goal race is the It’s a Shore Thing half marathon in Liverpool, May 3rd. Aiming to get as close to 90mins as possible.