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April 28, 2013

Ooft – it has been a while since a long run was a struggle like today’s! Legs were heavy, and generally, I felt done. However, managed to get a 24km long run done at 5:15min/km, so can’t complain too much. For the first 50min, I thought I was going to have to walk or bail, but then whether it was lunch that kicked in, or general resignation from my legs that this was defintiely happening, I rallied a little and actually ran a few kilometres with a wee spark.

That’s all I managed today though. I had intended to swim in the lake, but it was also the Spartan 5k in the village, so I went up to cheer DW and DD who were running, and see if there was any help needed. By the the time I got back, and then ran, time was running short and I was drained of triathlon training enthusiasm!


March 31, 2013

Long run day!

It has been a great few days with some good training and proper Spring weather finally. Today was another gorgeous bright, sunny day with not a cloud in sight. I was slightly worried that yesterday’s long ride and transition run would give me problems with the long run planned, but on waking my legs had no residual stiffness or soreness at all – maybe a bit tired, but really not bad. I had also had a sore back, for which I had taken an ibuprofen yesterday morning, that seemed to have taken the spasm out and it felt fine again.

Had my DW drive me down to Hillsview Acres to run the 25km home. Point to point on the highway could be a bit mind-numbing, but it was such a lovely day and there was hardly a car on the road, so it was actually quite a pleasant run. Got back in 2:12:05 which gave me 5:15min/km – that’s a bloody good pace for this long run, for me – happy with that.

I was going to spend some time doing some core/upper strength work this afternoon, but was working out of doors burning long grass on the farm instead. Totals for the week are sound anyway.

Week 23 Review

Funny week really, wasn’t promising, but actually managed around 9 hours. Rubbish run total of 32km for the week, rubbish bike total of 75km, but a half decent swim session x 1! Plenty of gym work and probably a good recovery week, with a harder weekend once things had recovered a bit. DW has had the flu and it’s a miracle that I didn’t catch it (touching wood).

The Tour of Sufferlandria is off to a flying start and although I didn’t do a multi-hour bike session this week, next week’s total should bring the month total up nicely. If I can fit around 40k of running in too, it will potentially be big hours for my final ‘base’ week. If I don’t fit the running in, no great shakes, this is supposed to be a bike focus week.

Thoughts now turning to my 10-wk ‘build’ phase adding some pace work in and increasing the hours. More on that next week though…

January 23, 2013

Great swim session – no idea how many metres, but it went much more smoothly than I thought it would. Knee almost pain free when swimming which helped.

Core, lunges, squats and stretches at lunchtime. Break from running and biking continues. If only I had better access to a pool, this would have been a great opportunity to do a swim intensive block.

Only downside is that DW has flu, and it’s only a matter of time before I start feeling unwell…

Week 25 Review

This has actually been a fairly solid week of around 10.5 hours, which is on track for this time of year. Considering my knee pain, that’s an achievement. I had only planned to fit in 9 hours, but I managed more without having to overreach.

I saw my RMT in the middle of the week, and he reckoned there wasn’t any meniscus damage and that movement was a good thing – and I’m hoping that he’s right, things do seem to be on the mend. Saturday saw a 2.5hr ride followed by a 6k tempo run, and then Sunday saw a 16k long(ish) run. Good solid weekend, that’s what we need.

Coming week might be awkward as DW is away in Ontario for work and so I’ll be solo’ing chores, animals, kids etc. Looks like I may miss my one weekly swim, which is a royal pain. Can’t be helped though. Plan is pretty much the same as this week, maybe extending the long bike and long run at the weekend, just a bit. If I can top 11 hours, it will be plenty.

I think adding a little bit of tempo and pace into some workouts now is a good thing. Reminding the legs what it’s all about. Fairly soon, I want to re-introduce the midweek, midlong run at goal race pace, maybe this will wait until the Build phase from week 20 though. For that, I’m also thinking to do some hill reps rather than just straight 1k intervals. The long run needs to increase to the 25k range, and overall weekly mileage over 50km. Cycling plan is good for now, with the Tour of Sufferlandria coming up in week 21. Next couple of weeks, aim for a long-ish Saturday ride 3 or 3.5 hours. Once we’re into February, we’re into Build, and if I can get outside for a long ride or two it would be great, hope for a couple of 100k rides.