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May 25, 2013

No pain in foot, weather wet and windy, but tomorrow looks more promising than today, so swapping long bike and long run days.

Rode 55km on the trainer watching the penultimate stage of the Giro. And I think the weather here has been shit! Just spinned the pedals really, loosened out the legs and got stuff moving around – still drenched in sweat, so I must have worked reasonably hard.

Off to the park, and ran out the Eel Weir trail. Took my average pace per km until the 14km mark and then ran an extra km before turning. Made for a really solid 30km run, in the rain, on tired legs. managed to keep a decent pace, all the way though. Must mean something come race day?!

May 19, 2013

Still felt weary when I woke this morning, so decided to leave running until later in the day. Felt better by the time I set off to drive up to the Park, but as soon as I started running, it became obvious that I was running on tired legs! I’m still feeling like I’m coming down with a cold too.

Found the 12km, and 14km markers on the Eel Weir trail. Needed the 2 gels that I had with me, and could have done with more. When I got back to the weir bridge with 8k to go I stepped up the pace and got back in less than 40min. Great effort and really encouraging that I can hold a race pace over fairly long distance when fatigued – must bode well.

Didn’t bother with the optional cycle for this evening, as I was well up on my weekly hours and knackered!

April 14, 2013

Rode the final 35km of Amstel Gold along with the pro’s, nice solo move by Kreuziger – I was there with him riding hard off the front :-)

Couple hours break and then headed to Keji for the first time this year for a long run. Ran out past the Eel Weir bridge unsure if there were more km markers. I was aiming for a 2 hour run and the turnaround point came before I saw any sign for 12km, but time-wise I should have been close.

For the final 6km, I hit the split time and ran it in 28:39 for a 4:45/km avg, though the final 2km were substantially faster than that. About 23.5km and a really solid run effort. Good day, good week.