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Week 13 Review

Week 13 to EPIC was a curious one. It felt pretty full on, yet I struggled to get my 14+ hours in. The hours were very ‘honest’ in that there was no gym core/stretching time – it was all swim, bike and run.

I got 2 swim sessions in, courtesy of my pool membership, but total time was short of the 3 hours scheduled in Fink’s ‘plan-that-im-not-following’. Having said that, though, the 6000m solid swimming is way more than double previous weeks and felt good.

The un-plan also had me down for racing an Olympic distance triathlon this weekend, which was never going to happen – the first standard distance tri is still months away in Nova Scotia.

My running was the big surprise this week (and last week to be honest) with the average pace dropping dramatically. With the running being good and the swimming too, something had to lose out, and I guess it wasn’t the best biking week. No outdoor miles, and only a short ‘long’ bike. However, I still got the miles in through more indoor sessions which probably artificially up the pace.

So, to week 12. The hours start ramping up again, 15 or so for this week, and I may take out some or all of the pace work to give myself an easier transition. There were a few days last week, where I struggled with tiredness, and I have to be careful about overtraining. I’ll try to hit 3 hours swimming, 7 hours biking and 5 running. Same sort of pattern to the week though it’s harder to work out how to fit my third swim in without swimming consecutive days – maybe I’ll brave the open water next weekend?!

January 2, 2013

Just a short 6k run on the treadmill today – the windchill outside must have been -20deg or lower. Knee is on the mend, I think, but didn’t want to push it. Rolling pin on my quads and some exercises targetting the vastus medialis seems to be helping.

Well, I’ve admitted failure on Sufferfestukah! However, I’m signed up for the Tour of Sufferlandria, a 9-stage event between January 26 and February 3. Looking forward to it :-)

I’m thinking I will take it a little easier until then, on the bike at least. Keep some steady miles on the run. Swim sessions start back next week. The start of February, I think, will mark 20 weeks to EPIC and the time to start adding some power workouts in along with the endurance.