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April 3, 2013

There Is No Try this morning – pushing the bigger gears, making sure my knees are ok – quest for the force!

Made it to the swimming pool after work. I had a tight hour before the tri club were due in and wanted to test myself with a steady endurance swim. I managed to rack up roughly 150 lengths, but I don’t actually know how long the pool is, so until I find out I can’t work out distance and pace. However, I swam continuously for 57mins and that’s what I set out to do. Happy with that. Wasn’t fast, but I felt like I was swimming as well as I can. Looking forward to getting in again, aiming for Friday early.

ETA: it’s there, on their website, this is a 20m pool, so I swam 3000m give or take a few. That’s up to date with Fink’s plan for the single endurance swim distance at this stage.

February 6, 2013

Up early, 5:45am, for a bike session. The Wretched was a great start to the day and really loosened my knee up! Nice.

Should have the masters swim session this evening, if the forecasted snow doesn’t once again impinge on my plans. It always used to snow on a Monday when I was taking my son through for drum lessons. The lessons finished and it now snows on a Wednesday to disrupt swimming instead, curious… roll on springtime.

I’m also hoping that I might finally manage to get to go see a doc about my knee problems. I’ve been putting it off, and then couldn’t get an appointment until the end of the month because of staffing issues at my local medical centre! We shall see, more later…

ETA: swim session was great. 200m swim w/u, 120m kick w/u, 6 x 80m @ 1:45, 400m descending swim/drill set, 6 x 80m @ 1:45, 200m c/d – call it a 2k session, but quite a lot of hard work.
Failed to get a doc apppointment again – what do you have to do?! Luckily a doc friend was swimming and took a look. Probably a tendinopathy right enough, as suspected, just odd that it has dragged on so long. Debating whether it’s worth having it x-rayed to see if there are arthritic changes, as there is familial history of arthritis – not sure that I want to know!