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May 28, 2013

Ha! A sunny warm day, albeit with the wind still blowing. Ran 10min, then 5 x 6min @ 2min jog, then cool down on an 11.6km route. I am still feeling generally tired from big training and didn’t want to pressure myself into hitting km numbers, so this fartlek/intervals session was a good solution. These intervals look like they must have been a decent pace though, as I ran 53:27 for the whole. Down on my planned hours already :-)

Right hamstring a bit tight again – this is a recurring problem and qualifies as this week’s Ache of the Week. Note to self, do something about it, slacker!

So damn cold first thing though, plus I didn’t sleep well again, that I changed my schedule, planning to run at lunchtime and swim after work. So far, so good…

February 26, 2013

Got my x-rays, and bloodwork done this morning, then, feeling like a fraud, at least a very happy fraud, I got out for a 6k run at lunchtime. Stunning day, not too cold, clear blue sky, sunny and I felt like I was bounding along. I decided, rather than try to work out some formal intervals at this stage, to just do some pickups, or strides, or fartlek, whatever you want to call it. Went really well.

On to this evening, and it was a little more of a struggle to get going again after supper! But I did manage a half-decent attempt at There Is No Try. Vague niggle from knee, but nothing much.

So, follow-up doc appointment isn’t for 10 days, so I guess there isn’t anything too life threatening to report from the bloods, the high blood pressure is slightly curious given my lifestyle, diet, weight, exercise etc. I must admit to being an over-condimentor, so added salt at the table has gone, forĀ  starters…

December 18th, 2012

Yesterday was a needed rest day. Last week was in excess of 11 hours and I felt it.

Today was a 8k at lunchtime, working from home. Fartlek really, gentle intervals. Ran a 400 in 1:34, which is reasonably for the time of year. Not planning to run much speedwork until into the new year, but as a reminder and loosener, this was good. Just did 6 or so ‘pickups’ of random distances, not all out, but enough to remind my legs what race pace is.

Missed tonight’s bike session due to the school xmas concert. Will try to fit it in early tomorrow before work.