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January 28, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 3 – Extra Shot + Fight Club

Woo. Action right from the gun, Everyone shot off up the road and, to be honest, I was hanging on at the back, desperately trying not to get dropped – legs a little stiff from yesterday. However, by the time the berg bashing came around, I’d perked up and started making up some time. Took a breather whilst the pack headed out of Mendrisio, but then all hell broke loose. Was it a full moon or something? Everytime we settled into a rhythm, some bugger would attack and we’d all be scrambling for a wheel. By the fifth circuit I was spent, but managed to hang in the front group, so all-in-all a good day, tough and could have been a disaster, but got through it.

Other than that, a 30 minute easy gym session, core, stretch and a little upper.

January 8, 2013

Steady day that was just about according to plan. Left knee still bothering me, but not enough to curtail activity. I’m and off to see the remedial therapist tomorrow for an opinion and some work.

A half-hour run on the treadmill at lunchtime, stepped the pace up a bit as it went along. Funny how you can feel like you are hoofing it on a dreadmill, but the stats indicate that you are only ambling, in fact.

Evening bike session was planned as the sufferfest’s Fight Club, but due to time pressures, I only managed a 45 minute ride. I do like Fight Club though, it can be a cracking workout, and the soundtrack is great. The jury is undecided about whether using the same footage for every attack is a good thing, but otherwise, I like it.

Coached swim sessions start again tomorrow…