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April 16, 2013

After the trauma of yesterday and a day when I couldn’t bring myself to workout, even if it hadn’t been my usual rest day, it was time to get back at it today. If one thing shone through clearly from the stupid pointless actions of asshole ‘terrorists’ in Boston it is that runners and endurance athletes in general aren’t easily terrorised. I love the story of 78 year old Bill Iffrig, who having been blown off his feet by the first bomb 30 feet from the line, got up and finished, he said “I ended up second in my division. After you’ve run 26 miles you’re not going to stop there.” Awesome.

So, sticking my middle finger up at anyone who thinks their political cause is big enough to warrant doing this to a globally respected international event where many people were running to raise money for charity, I was on my bike at 5:45am and rode in solidarity with everyone injured and affected by the pointless tragedy – Hell Hath No Fury, you’re damn right…

Got home from work determined to get out for a run. And what a run it was, I would love to think that the joy and effort I put in somehow added to the pot of runners’ empathy to be drawn on by those in need. It can’t obviously, but my main thought whilst out there was, I’m just grateful to be able to run. I love running, and it would take a lot to make me stop.

I ran kilometre intervals, 5 x 1000m in 3:50, 3:52, 3:41, 3:55, and 3:47. Holy crap, that is unbelievable. I have *never* run that fast, and consistently so too. Unbelievable.

What a day.

March 27, 2013

Another day, another early sufferfest – Hell Hath No Fury, though I had to cut the final team time trial as I didn’t have quite enough time. Still, felt like a good effort. Next winter I would be interested in looking at trainerroad.com to add measurable efforts – I can really see how that could provide big benefits.

Had a nap at lunchtime and I think this made a big difference – hope to do it more often, probably more beneficial than stretching at the gym.

Last of the tri club coached swims, for me, this evening – good solid swim. There is another block that the others are signing up for, but I think I need to do my own thing at this stage in race preparation. I need more swimming, and to be building my straight distance sets. I can’t afford to pay for coached sessions and a pool membership, so I have a month membership and hope that the open water is swimmable by the time that expires. The next challenge is going to be to make it to Lunenburg often enough to make the membership worthwhile.

20130327-220506.jpgAnd in other news, my new running shoes arrived, Newton Motion. They are pretty cool looking shoes, and initial impressions are fantastic – great fit, wide forefoot. Looking forward to taking them for a spin. They were expensive up front, but with no import duty to pay and free shipping, they ended up no more costly than other shoes I have bought.

February 21, 2013

Today is pre-order day at Flo Cycling and I have enough pennies saved to buy a new aero front wheels for my tri race bike! The shop opens at 10am PST, which is 2pm Atlantic, and around 4 hours from now. It sounds as though there is going to be a mad scramble to get in and buy a wheel – they will only have 400 wheels available, and there are nearly 700 people signed up as interested. Some of those people will be buying multiple wheels, of course. There is only a fair chance that I will actually get to BUY a wheel! Sheesh… more later.

Managed another 6k run at lunchtime, and each day I limp a little less afterwards! Before running, I was walking normally and could hardly feel it. After my run, I can feel it, but am not too bothered. It would be nice to run without worrying about it.

38 minutes until the Flo shop opens…Woohoo – got in there, in the bun fight for a front Flo wheel. The disks sold out in less than a minute and they shifted 375 wheels in the first 15 minutes! Now I wait… and hope I don’t get hit with too much tax and duty on import. I also have to decide whether to save up for a rear, or more cheaply add a wheel cover to my ksyrium to get the aero advantage of a disk at a fraction of the cost. Or, probably the most sensible route is to buy a 90mm rear and an aero cover for that… we’ll see.

Hopped on my bike for Hell Hath No Fury this evening – great, maybe not quite 100% effort, but I gave it a good dig nonethless. Not a bad day all-in-all.

February 9, 2013

Still in the spirit of taking things easy, so I didn’t run today. Actually, that’s more because of high winds, low wind chill and blowing snow. The blizzard we were forecasted, turned out to be more wind than snowfall – still, not the nicest day to be out. Not that I’m a fair-weather runner, I’m absolutely not, I’ll be out there tomorrow come what may…

Coming to think of it, I didn’t run today not because of the weather, or because I was supposed to be taking it easy, but because it was long bike day! And I didn’t take it easy either.

This was a 3 hour, Sufferfest triple bill day. Angels, Hell Hath No Fury and The Wretched all at a good effort. I was having to dig to keep the effort high towards the end of The Wretched, right enough. Had to stop after the second hour for a bite to eat, took a cup of hot soup back down to the bike in the basement, that really hit the spot!

January 26, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 1 – Hell Hath No Fury

Well, I got away with the blond lassie and we had a good gap, but the Muur von Miserybergen kinda did for me and I got dusted in the sprint. Thankfully, the team pulled a corking team time trial, nailed it and set me up nicely after stage 1. Funny thing, I thought it was just me and her out front, but there are a thousand Sufferandrians all claiming the same thing, I musn’t have been looking behind awful much.

I’ve got a feeling tomorrow is going to be all about the break, got to stay away somehow and loose all those baying on my heels…

That was before breakfast. Before supper I got out for an 8km run, and to be honest it was much much better than yesterday’s run. Not a bad day.

January 10, 2013

Went out in the blusterous day for a run at lunchtime, and it was short but tough, 6.5km getting blown around all over. Knee probably as sore as ever, so I wasn’t feeling too great about the world. Then I came home and sat on the bike, and biking, even out of the saddle, was fine – go figure…

My remedial masseur had warned that things might be a little rough for a couple of days, and despite the swim last night, I don’t feel like I did enough stretching or heat application to help out the post-massage period. Shoulders stiff after the swim set too!

However, I decided to go ride with the ladies… always a good option. Hell Hath No Fury is one of my favourite trips to Sufferlandria. It’s a little longer than most of the others, and I love the structure of it – the longer intervals and steady pace riding suit this time of year. The soundtrack is little ‘gentle’ with lots of lyrics about lurv and feelings, but you can beat yourself to a pulp keeping up with the racing. I was supposed to be keeping it under wraps and mostly managed, but I challenge you not to hammer the final time trial!