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May 15, 2013

Fairly awesome day really. I took another half-day vacation, so, after a busy morning watching the Giro d’Italia stage 11, I left and headed home for a mid-week, mid-long, mid-effort brick.

The standout thing about this bike ride was that it was my first ride on my new race wheels! Flow 60 front and Flo Disc rear. After an abortive start where I hadn’t adjusted the wheel centrally in the stays properly, and lost the paint off my new tires…! Ok, off again… and holy jeez, on a breezy day, even a 60 rim can blow you around! Slightly alarming…

Thankfully, it didn’t take too long to get used to the buffeting… though I still felt like I was riding a little reservedly, torn between wanting to see if the wheels would make a good bike split, and not wanting to push too hard. Rode the 75km Park and Chalets route, and then the TT route down to Hibernia Rd. end, and yes, my pace was overall pretty good considering the conditions. Less than 30 mins for the TT was great at the end of a 93km ride.

Just ran a short 6km, I was plenty up on time, and this is all that was scheduled for a brick run in the ‘plan-that-im-not-following’. Again, kept the effort in check but happy to run 4:45/km. Not too taxing.

March 10, 2013

Beautiful day – almost felt like Spring! Not wildly warm, but blue sunny skies and at least a promise of warmer temperatures.

Ran the 20k around Hibernia Rd. I didn’t really need to run 20, but I wanted to check that my knee was capable of a longer run in advance of committing to next week’s Moose Run 25k race. No trouble at all… I felt pretty good all the way round

December 23rd, 2012

Man, that was toughest run I’ve had to endure for quite a while.

Had a good night’s sleep, but then messed up the morning trying to move the hen houses. That involved getting the truck stuck in the mud, having to get the tractor going to haul it out etc. etc.

Set off for a 21k jaunt around Hibernia Rd. in -7C and snow flurries. Left knee was sore but runnable on. Never really loosened up though. Last couple of km were painful – my ankle was playing up by then and any time I had to hop off the road twisted it. Glad to get home.

Was thinking, though, how it’s sessions like these that iron goals are made by. Mental strength to keep on keeping on…

Decided to abandon the 3rd day of Sufferfestukah though! Call me a disgrace to the Sufferlandrian nation! Maybe I’ll fit the extra bikes in next week.

Ok, new week coming up. Knees and ankles feel ok again now – need to be a little bit careful. Otherwise, the plan is to bash some decent mileages out whilst I’m on holiday and take a recovery week the week after.