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April 1, 2013

This was supposed to be rest day, but I woke up on a sunny Easter Monday holiday and decided to push the envelope…

Having broken the skim of ice on the lake across the road, I jumped in for a race pace 3800m swim – it was bracing, but I was stoked to exit in 46:17.

After a quick change, a bite to eat and stocking the bike up with energy gels, I rode the challenging South Queens loop of 180km. The way out is slightly downhill, but I was having to push hard on the way back up into a bit of a headwind. Nevertheless, it was a solid 4:11:42 ride.

I was still planning a rest day, but felt fairly fresh after the ride, and so I decided to do a couple of loops of the Hibernia Road, with a little bit tagged on to make it up to a full marathon 42.2km distance run. It was good that the sun had gone by this point and there were a few flurries floating around as I needed the cooler temperatures – I had set out a little overdressed and didn’t want to overheat. Got back to the house in 2:40:51.

It was only then that I realised that I had just broken Raelert’s world record by 3s! Wow shit, I wish someone had been watching…

I then took the rest of the day easy, like a proper recovery day should be.

February 10, 2013

So, following in the general trend for rejuvenation and recuperation, I set out to run a cautious medium run… and ran the 20k round Hibernia Road, in the snow. My knee was muttering and grumbling a bit towards the end and, to be honest, if I could have stopped at 18k, I would have done. I had no water, no food and a wind blowing snow in my face – loved it. Gorgeous day altogether, especially this afternoon when the snow cleared up and left a perfect winter’s blue sky day.