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April 10, 2013

Did Angels in the basement first thing this morning. Left knee pain bothering me a bit again, so didn’t push it too hard.

Swam this evening – good hard set. 600m wu, 10 x 40m drills, 7 x 120m @ 30s, 7 x 80m @ 20s, 5 x 40m drills, 400m cd = 3000m. The 120m were staying just under 2:00 and the 80m were under 1:20. I’m no Michael Phelps, but hey! it’s coming on.

February 15, 2013

Working on the road again today, so no opportunity to go to the gym. No running as per yesterday’s decision to rest my knee until the pain has gone. Not sure whether to rest completely, or whether to carry on with the biking that I had been doing. The risk is that the cycling is actually aggravating the knee pain, even if it isn’t sore when pedaling. A few days complete rest probably wouldn’t do a lot of harm aerobically, and the other week, the pain did subside on rest. There’s a fair chance that it will drive me nuts though…

I’ll check in later as to whether I capitulated and jumped on the bike in the basement…

February 14, 2013

Pissed off. Big style.

Facing the decision to bin all running and biking until this knee pain goes the feck away. Not happy. Really not happy. Is this the end of the world as I know it? Do I need to get it x-ray’d to find out it’s arthritis and I’ll never run again? Ok, so, I’m feeling dramatic and emotional… not happy.

Happy fecking Valentine’s Day, think I might get pished.

Week 21 Review

A third of the way to EPIC! It doesn’t seem very long away…

If I was following Don Fink’s plan, that would be the end of the Base period and the start of the Build period, where the training hours build from 12 to 16 over the next 10 week block. He introduces some pace work into the running, preferably a third swim, and two brick sessions into the week.

I plan to increase the hours as per Fink, I’m right on target at the moment, and increasing shouldn’t be too hard. It’s not that easy either though, when there is so much ice and snow around, and I still haven’t enough daylight after work to do much, brick sessions for example. I can’t manage more than one swim per week because of the distance to the pool, so until the ice is out and I can get in open water, sometime around mid-April, one swim it is. I’ll substitute swim sessions with upper body and swim cord work and count it in the hours. I’ll aim to re-start the Saturday brick, long bike, short run. Tuesday runs will start adding pace heading to an out-and-out intervals session. Thursday runs would be good to do some hill reps in the build phase. Bike rides with thesufferfest.com are spot on for build phase as is. Hopefully at some point during this 10 week block, I’ll get outside for a ride on my tri bike.

This week…

Pretty good week really. I got rid of the knee pain fairly much; managed 40k running, 160k bike and 2k swim, plus gym work for a total of about 11.5 hours. Swim was good, best for a while, definitely felt as though the upper body work was starting to pay off. Even though it’s only one session a week, with it being coached and shared means that I keep the intensity up – I don’t feel that I’m losing too much of last year’s improvement, or at least that it will come back quickly once I can fit more sessions in. Onwards and upwards…

January 20, 2013

Beautiful day out, sunny and mild. Not great for skiing/snowshoeing at the Occupy Winter event at Keji National Park, but pretty good a long run home. Just over 20k.

Closing the Park for the winter is such a disgrace. For the relatively small amount of money saved, principally plowing the road of snow, we have lost at least one business, and caused hardship for several others. Not to mention the loss of culture in a country proud of its winter skills heritage, the promotion of a healthy lifestyle, the opportunity to get out in the fresh air and interact with the natural world. Bah, such wrong-way thinking. Can you really run a National Park like a business? Should you? This land was expropriated from private landowners 40 years or so ago, to make it available to all – the closure goes against the very core principal.

Anyway, back to training. So, there I was limping along with left knee pain, and right hamstring pain! But, I got it done… and after a hot bath, my knee feels really good. Overshadowed by the hamstring pull perhaps, but hey, if the knee was improving, I’ll take it. Probably the reason for the improvement is that I had to do the ultimate, the only surefire way of clearing stubborn symptoms – I thought about making an appointment at the doctors. I know, extreme measures…

January 1, 2013

Ah yes. I remember why I drink whisky but once a year. I love a single malt, but by gum, it can put a head on you… just a few wee drams of a 12yo Glenlivet and I didn’t feel so chipper this morning. Had friends coming for supper, so spent most of the day cooking a feast.

Managed a 6k recovery pace run. Knee pain still there, but I also dug out a rolling pin and tried massaging my left quadricep and ITB. That really seems to have helped.

Ok, now the serious work starts. Eating and drinking done with. Weight has climbed above 70kg, and so that has to come back down again. If my knee clears up soon, I will re-establish a solid base routine for another few weeks, before starting more power work.

Still have to decide on a Boston qualifying marathon. It either has to be early, say April, or September. A race on September 8 would be ideal.

December 30, 2012

Well, I got out for a run… sort of. It was still fairly wild blizzard conditions out, and was a painfully slow hobble of a run. Thankfully, it wasn’t actually painful though. I took it gingerly, partly not to upset the healing progress, and partly not to upset my balance in the ice and snow. All good. Got back in one piece.

I wrapped some ice around it, more as a prophylactic, and an hour or so later decided to sit on my bike again…

Sufferfestukah Day 7 – A Very Dark Place
I wasn’t going to go all out at this again. No standing up out of the saddle, no hammering, no pushing big gears. I allowed myself the big chainring, but only in moderation!

I was watching the 2011 Paris-Nice stage live when Di Gregario managed to hold his bike upright, amazingly, and even though I know it’s coming in Interval 1, it still causes me a ‘whoa, sh*t’ exclamation – how’d he do that?!

However, in Interval 4, racing Cancellera over the Paris Roubaix cobbles, I maybe pushed things a little more than I should. Bah, it’ll be all right…

December 29, 2012

Well, there’s a big dump of snow a’comin’ tonight and tomorrow which may rule out running (might not, have been known to run in blizzards). So, the question is, do I try to run today on a dodgy knee – or do I abandon running for the entire week :-(

Eta: didn’t get out for a run as it was getting dark by the time we got home from visiting friends. Did risk a bike session though… :-)

Sufferfestukah Day 6 – The Hunted
Ok, so I’m now several days behind, injured and was on the verge of giving up. However, I fought another day – woo. The Hunted is great, but I was consciously not hammering. In the saddle, in the middle chainring (stupid triple on my road bike), think of it as a cycling efficiency workout. Couldn’t help myself though with a little dig in the final tempo/attack sequences.
Tracks: like some of the others, I’m so used to the soundtrack that almost everything has it’s place (with the possible exception of ‘Song In My Head’, which really shouldnae be). Shoutout though, for Pistol Opera’s “Daddy was a Disco Dancer”.

Weather, yarrr, bring it on…

December 28, 2012

Unscheduled rest day. Knee too dodgy to run on, too iffy to bike on – sigh. Tried to go for a run, but had to abandon pretty quickly. I guess I did push those bike intervals too hard yesterday!

Not a bad injury, in fact it still doesn’t really feel like an injury as such, but I don’t want to cause a longer term issue at this point in the year. Not very happy about it though.

December 23rd, 2012

Man, that was toughest run I’ve had to endure for quite a while.

Had a good night’s sleep, but then messed up the morning trying to move the hen houses. That involved getting the truck stuck in the mud, having to get the tractor going to haul it out etc. etc.

Set off for a 21k jaunt around Hibernia Rd. in -7C and snow flurries. Left knee was sore but runnable on. Never really loosened up though. Last couple of km were painful – my ankle was playing up by then and any time I had to hop off the road twisted it. Glad to get home.

Was thinking, though, how it’s sessions like these that iron goals are made by. Mental strength to keep on keeping on…

Decided to abandon the 3rd day of Sufferfestukah though! Call me a disgrace to the Sufferlandrian nation! Maybe I’ll fit the extra bikes in next week.

Ok, new week coming up. Knees and ankles feel ok again now – need to be a little bit careful. Otherwise, the plan is to bash some decent mileages out whilst I’m on holiday and take a recovery week the week after.