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April 24, 2013

5:30am start to fit Local Hero in before work, it’s a 1:20:00 sufferfest and features longer intervals and steady state riding more so than other vids. I didn’t need to hammer myself too hard again this morning, so this was a decent choice. Not so good was that even by going to bed before 10:30, it’s still only 7 hours sleep which isn’t really enough. I’ve been managing to snatch a half hour nap at lunchtime recently, but today I want to leave early so fit my swim in and still be home at a reasonable hour for supper! So, no nap, in fact no breakfast either…

I want to get 17 hours in this week if at all possible, but it’s a juggling act as I feel like I could easily wear out too. The ‘cold’ that I sort of came down with didn’t really come to anything, but I still don’t actually feel back to 100%, and I could be tipping over into overtraining if I’m not very careful.

Update later after swim session…

That was a great swim! Got in early, and swam 600m wu, 10 x 40m dr, 5 x 400m @ 45-60s, 5 x 40m dr before I ran out of time. Times weren’t as consistent as with the 200s last time – feel like I need to concentrate on these longer intervals.

March 23, 2013

Currently sitting watching IM Melbourne – great commentary by Phil Wrochna of firstofthebike.com – much as I like Greg Welch, these guys are actually good at commentating!

Tough day at this end. 3 hours on the trainer in the basement. Sufferfest double bill, Blender followed by Local Hero – wow, that is a brutal combination! I hit Blender quite hard, and then tried to hang on through Local Hero. Legs were blowing a bit towards the end, but I still managed to kick the final sprint!

Off a quick change to run 6km, and legs felt surprisingly ok. Clipped through in just over 30 mins without having to hammer – going by breath, it felt like a good aero threshold run – nice.

Bloody weather though. I want some warm outdoor riding, and to get in the lake ANYTIME SOON!

February 19, 2013

Slightly more encouraging day… managed a 6km run at lunchtime, beautiful sunny day and a little milder than of late. Still a lot of ice and snow around although most of the pavement has been cleared in Liverpool.

Got home and decided to sit on my bike for a short session. Just did the first 30min of Local Hero and was strict on myself to call it a day at that.

Got ice on my knee, but it doesn’t feel too bad tonight. Have a doctors appointment finally booked for next Monday, 25th February. Fully expect all pain to be gone by then!

Going to aim at 8 hours training this week. That’s not too ambitious a total, so I should be able to do it without any overly long sessions – should have been hitting 12 hours this week really.

December 26th, 2012

Huh, well, that rest up didn’t last too long. I was getting a bit antsy not training, so I thought I would try out my new bike torture chamber down in the basement and ended up riding two hours. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to have set my knee back too much…

Did my pre-abandoned Day 3 of Sufferfestukah – a Sufferlandrian double bill of Local Hero and Extra Shot. First up, Local Hero was the first video I bought from thesufferfest.com, but to be honest, it has never been one of my favourites. It’s long, for a start, at 1:25:00, and can be a grind to get through the sprints at the end. Favourite music track is probably “Let’s Go Shopping” by Twisterbait. Tacked on to the end was the Extra Shot: 20 minutes of down in one suffering – no warmup, cooldown or rest. At least doing these two as a double means that we get the repeated music track out of the way – the remix of Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” that is featured in both. I prefer the remix to the bloody awful original, but still…

So, ok, got a couple of hours in, heading for a big bike total for December, maybe even the biggest of the year, which would be neat! I think running maybe needs to wait another day or two, we’ll see…