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Moose Run 25k 2014

Another early start to drive the 2 hours and a bit to Eastern Passage for the annual pilgramage to the Moose Run 25km.

This is not a race, times and placings are recorded but there are no prizes for winners. Many folks aiming for Boston, or another spring marathon, use it as a tune-up run, and others as a useful benchmark to see where you are at after the winter.

Apart from the strong winds, and a blizzard, it wasn’t too too cold and finished in sunshine, but the hills are killers on this route and you have to work bloody hard. I wasn’t feeling 100% for racing, but set off ok, keeping a steady but solid pace, and went through the turnaround in 59:xx, which is deceptive as there is a dogs-leg in the outbound. I increasingly struggled to keep the pace going. My ankles weren’t particularly sore, but the hip flexors on the left side were, and the ball of my right foot became very sore. I don’t think it’s a varucca but that’s what it feels like, the Mizuno shoes seem to exacerbate the problem. Need another shoe change :-(

Anyway, I struggling painfully in, rallying a little in the final mile, and eventually finished 11 seconds faster than last year. I *think* I was 21st which would be the same placing as last year too, but some of those in front may have been relay teams, impossible to tell. 205 registered runners. Job done, I have an idea of what needs attention – longer runs, and longer tempo work basically.

So, I signed up for Challenge St. Andrews, along with Mirinda Carfrae and Tim O’Donnell! It’s shaping up to be an awesome race. Managed to get back swimming x 1 this past couple of weeks, swimming around 1:45 / 100m which isn’t too bad.

Need to shed a few pounds, maybe 2 kilos and keep the strength work going, otherwise I’m doing ok.

March 17, 2013

Race Report – Moose Run 25k

Brad and I set off around 6:45am for the 2+ hour drive to Eastern Passage. A long way to go for a ‘C’ race, I suppose, but this is a good early season marker race to measure yourself by. It’s also free… well, they ask for donations, so for $10 I got a race shirt, a $20 voucher for Aerobics First in Halifax, a supported long run, and food at the end. That must make it one of the best value outings of the year, if you ignore the cost of gas…

It’s also generally a quality field, many of the NS Boston-bound use this as a tune-up, so it is one to rid yourself of those delusions of grandeur that can occur if you only race small local races!

I’ve been training through this, and with it being the first race of the season, I did not feel at my best. My race shoes from last season, ASICS Sky Speed, were relegated to gym shoes, so I ran in my 2170’s, which are also feeling worn out. Especially after the long drive, I didn’t feel like I was running smoothly or lightly.

A beautiful sunny day though, not as windy as last year, cold enough for hat, gloves, base layer and long sleeve top, tights. Setting off, there was one guy off the front, another small group of three or four, then a bigger group of 20 or so, and me trying to decide whether to race or run conservatively. This was my longest run for a while, and I kind of dangled off the back for a while. The first 5k were good though, steady pace and I picked off a couple of over-keen starters and got passed by a couple of tardy starters – usual story. Everything settled down and started to string out. Water stop around 5k, and I realised that I had forgotten to stick a gel in my glove like I meant to – bugger. Water stop around 10k and I was starting to have to work a bit harder. It’s a hilly course, nothing major, but rolling most definitely! The next pull to the turnaround is hard work, but once around there’s a downhill section and because of the early dogleg, it’s actually more than halfway. I made the turn around the hour mark and had maintained my position, but there were a few folk on my tail.

Heading back into the slight breeze didn’t help the hills any, and I had to concentrate to hold pace. A couple of runners came breezing past, obviously looking to strongly negative split the training run, but we were also was catching another couple who were feeling the pace.

Through the water stop with less than 5k to go, I was feeling the lack of calories and cursing forgetting the gel, but I was also determined not to slow down too much. I was looking out for the first turn which signifies 1 mile to go, and knew that I could keep pushing for another few minutes. I was glad to see the finish line though! They don’t really do placings, or results, so I think my 1:55:47 was good only for 25th or so. I ran 1:53 last year, so I’m in the same ballpark. Good enough. I need new shoes.

We finished the trip to town with a visit to the Canada Games Centre for a quick swim and hot tub warm down, and wound our weary way home. Job done.

Week 17 Review

Hardly seems a week since I last did this – shocking. This year is going to fly past with an early season goal race.

So, this has been a great week training-wise. I didn’t get my interval session sorted and need to get it planned properly for this week. Otherwise, I put in good hours through the week, and actually had to limit what I did at the weekend so I wouldn’t go too far over the 13 hour plan. That being said, I have felt good, not injured and recovered well, so I wasn’t going to worry too much about extra hours. Just shy of 14 hours this week, which is more than I put in at any point last year. My run total was 55km which is the highest since September last.

I didn’t need to run 20k as my long run, but I wanted to check that my knee was up to it before committing to the Moose Run 25k race next weekend. Last year I ran 4:29/k, and I would be highly surprised if I can do that again this year – it will be telling what shape I’m in though, so I’m keen to do it, but I can’t risk an injury.

That’s next Sunday, and I don’t suppose a long bike the day before is going to be the best idea, which leaves me with a dilemma. If the weather forecast was good, I could take at least a half-day vacation in the week to do the 4 hour ride, e.g. Thursday.