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Week 17 Review

Hardly seems a week since I last did this – shocking. This year is going to fly past with an early season goal race.

So, this has been a great week training-wise. I didn’t get my interval session sorted and need to get it planned properly for this week. Otherwise, I put in good hours through the week, and actually had to limit what I did at the weekend so I wouldn’t go too far over the 13 hour plan. That being said, I have felt good, not injured and recovered well, so I wasn’t going to worry too much about extra hours. Just shy of 14 hours this week, which is more than I put in at any point last year. My run total was 55km which is the highest since September last.

I didn’t need to run 20k as my long run, but I wanted to check that my knee was up to it before committing to the Moose Run 25k race next weekend. Last year I ran 4:29/k, and I would be highly surprised if I can do that again this year – it will be telling what shape I’m in though, so I’m keen to do it, but I can’t risk an injury.

That’s next Sunday, and I don’t suppose a long bike the day before is going to be the best idea, which leaves me with a dilemma. If the weather forecast was good, I could take at least a half-day vacation in the week to do the 4 hour ride, e.g. Thursday.

March 10, 2013

Beautiful day – almost felt like Spring! Not wildly warm, but blue sunny skies and at least a promise of warmer temperatures.

Ran the 20k around Hibernia Rd. I didn’t really need to run 20, but I wanted to check that my knee was capable of a longer run in advance of committing to next week’s Moose Run 25k race. No trouble at all… I felt pretty good all the way round

Week 18 Review

Man, these weeks are flying past! Here we are again, another one to review…

It has been a good, solid training week. Fink’s “Competitive” program called for 12 hours, and though I’m not following that plan to the letter, and despite previous weeks being a bit disrupted by injury, I managed to get the 12 hours in and am not feeling too beaten up either. Not being able to get the planned 3 hours swimming in, means that I’m actually doing over plan hours on the bike/run – some of that time I am counting in gym time too.

Aiming to add another hour this coming week, plan for 13 hours. With a 1 hour swim, I’ll try to make that to over 2 hours with upper strength gym work, which still leaves the best part of 11 hours for bike and run. Long bike will be 3:30, and I have to decide what length of long run to do. Two weeks away is the 25k Moose Run. I won’t be fit enough to do as well as last year, but I could use it as a long supported training run, with a bit of tempo :-)