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Low Drop, Medial Post or Torsional Stability

After the experiment with Newton shoes, I’m left wondering about just what went wrong… I think the jury’s still out about ‘blaming’ the shoes as such, there are too many variables involved.

It could have been due to simple overuse. The week of the original injury, I was peaking my run miles and my overall training hours, but to have tibialis pain, and the same pain bilaterally seems more equipment related to me. The thing is, I was doing most of my mileage in an older pair of Asics 2160, which my son had previously been using for gym class, and I had then put 700km on them. So, they were possibly worn out (though I expect to put 1000km+ on a pair of running shoes). I had been running pace runs in Newton Motion and was really happy with how they felt, but looking at the soles, there is wear on the outer edge midfoot, and the outer lug is worn, probably unbalancing the shoe, and that’s after only 325km.

That’s the thing with lightweight shoes though, you blow through them at a fair rate, and given that you generally need to transition to them, you can’t save them only for racing in – you have to train in them to.

Trying the Newtons 100% after the race caused additional injury problems, but again, I’d be reluctant to blame the shoes – I had just run an ironman marathon and was pre-injured. Not an ideal time to be transitioning to radical new shoes.

I’ve been running in Asics 2xxx shoes for decades. If it wasn’t just overuse / worn out shoes, what else contributed to the injuries? Was it the low drop, going from 12mm to 3mm? The Motions have a medial post, the denser bit of midsole to help prevent excessive rolling inwards of a pronating ankle, so I don’t think that was the issue. What’s most likely in my book just now is torsional stability.

Some folks have talked about the ‘Taco Test’, where you simply fold a prospective shoe in half to see where it bends, ball of the foot or mid-foot. Some shoes have a solid bit of plastic mid-foot to prevent this, some don’t. Those without feel more ‘natural’, like the Newtons. It’s woth noting that my previous race shoes, Asics Sky Speed, have the torsional rigidity but no medial post, and I raced all last season with no issues in them.

However, I tried the Newon Sir Isaac S, which should have been a perfect training shoe for me. Wide toebox, 4.5mm drop, medial post and torsional rigidity. Should I have persevered with them? Fact is, I’ve had the Asics GT-2000 for a week and have managed a consistent run week. Am I content to stick with these forever as my everyday trainers? Should I keep trying to find a lower drop, less ‘built’ shoe to wean myself off them? Is it worth loosing another race season over?

May 17, 2013

Another early start, but fractionally warmer at least! Swam the full hour in the lake, distance only approximate at around 3400m. Felt good. Pace ok, and I tried to do spells at higher pace, not sure how effective that is as training. Overall, I just want to swim iron distance in a reasonable time, comfortably and that probably takes steady swimming practice.

Had a good night’s sleep which has made a world of difference, yesterday I felt totally wiped and unmotivated. Today I feel a whole lot better.

Long-ish run planned for later…

Got out for my aero threshold (AeT) Z2 run with 10min @ Z4. Ran 16km at 4:40 pace, felt comfortable and within myself. opened it up a bit with a couple of km to go as per plan. Longest run in my newtons and 5 minutes faster for this route than recorded before, so I’m happy with that.

March 27, 2013

Another day, another early sufferfest – Hell Hath No Fury, though I had to cut the final team time trial as I didn’t have quite enough time. Still, felt like a good effort. Next winter I would be interested in looking at trainerroad.com to add measurable efforts – I can really see how that could provide big benefits.

Had a nap at lunchtime and I think this made a big difference – hope to do it more often, probably more beneficial than stretching at the gym.

Last of the tri club coached swims, for me, this evening – good solid swim. There is another block that the others are signing up for, but I think I need to do my own thing at this stage in race preparation. I need more swimming, and to be building my straight distance sets. I can’t afford to pay for coached sessions and a pool membership, so I have a month membership and hope that the open water is swimmable by the time that expires. The next challenge is going to be to make it to Lunenburg often enough to make the membership worthwhile.

20130327-220506.jpgAnd in other news, my new running shoes arrived, Newton Motion. They are pretty cool looking shoes, and initial impressions are fantastic – great fit, wide forefoot. Looking forward to taking them for a spin. They were expensive up front, but with no import duty to pay and free shipping, they ended up no more costly than other shoes I have bought.

Week 16 Review

Good solid week, a bit more tired than previous weeks, so I need to be a bit careful of overtraining, especially since the past 2 weeks have not only been the two biggest weeks in recorded history, have also been a hour each over the plan I’m vaguely following.

Tuesday’s 800m intervals was good, the long bike outdoors went reasonably well, and the first race of the year was satisfactory at least.

The new bike bottle cage looks the business, but I need new race shoes – looking at the Newton Motion. I’ve hardly played with my new race wheel – it’s still in the box – I have to decide if I can afford the back wheel, or just get an aero cover for the Ksyrium.

This week, I should reduce the hours to under 14. That’s just a shorter long ride and long run at the weekend, I think. Most else is the same. Hoping the forecast snow storm doesn’t knock out the swim session on Wednesday.

I also have to think about swimming after March – do I sign up for another block, or start making my own sessions. Frequency? Open water in April? Tri camp for the BTC is coming up, and I haven’t committed to any other imminent races yet – do I plan to run the local 5k’s as tempo within a longer ride/run?