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January 13, 2013

So, a 16k run on a recovering knee was always going to be skating on thin ice. In fact, a long-ish run the day after a long-ish brick, on a recovering knee, on icy roads was asking for trouble. Woohoo, thankfully, there weren’t any tears :-)

The knee was sore in the middle section of the run, but I even managed to pick up the pace in the last couple of km, and brought it home quite smartly. Chuffed with that.

I’m such a number obsessive that I *had* to hit my targets whether it was the smart thing to do or not, thankfully, there doesn’t seem to have been any harm done! Not especially fast, but nicely even splits – good enough.

January 5, 2013

“Don’t panic, Mr. Mainwaring. Don’t panic…”

Touch wood, not counting chickens before they hatch in the same basket, or speaking too soon, but this blasted knee seems to be mending. That will be because I booked an appointment with my RMT. There’s no more certain way of getting rid of symptoms of anything, than booking an appointment with a specialist… it’s the way of the world, tries to make out that I’m some kind of hypochondriac, same all my life. I’ve rarely gone to see a doctor, because I know that the very act of thinking about it is enough to clear minor ailments, and I have reserved actually going ahead and making an appointment for the more non-trivial ailments, that usually does the trick. I’ll be as right as rain come Wednesday, you just see. Unless I purposely try to make sure that I have something to complain about – like setting off for a 10k run tomorrow or something, hohoho.

So, yes, I managed a fairly relaxed 2 hours on the bike this afternoon. Watching triathlon videos on youtube rather than training workouts. Easy-ish spinning, no out of the saddle nonsense, and it really seems to have helped! Knee feels almost back to normal…

Also managed a great core / stretching / upper workout with a range of floor exercises, rolling pin pain application to the quads and some swim cords work. I feel a great deal better about the world tonight, than I did when I woke up, which is always a good thing.

All I need is a good couple of hours training tomorrow and my totals won’t be too bad :-)