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February 24, 2013

Yes. Deep sigh of relief.

I rode a half-hour Z1/Z2 warmup watching stage highlights from the Tour of Oman. I love the Omani scenery, it’s just so ‘other-worldly’. I lived in the UAE for a year, at a hospital in the desert, not far from the Oman border, and I’d love another stint there to be honest. What I can’t be doing with though, is Carlton Kirby. Sorry Carlton, you seem like a nice enough fellow, but I don’t need you to tell me that four guys are riding off the front – I can bloody well see that for myself! I need you to tell me WHY! Or what is in the those rider’s characters, or roles, or team directions, that is making them make that move, at this time. Especially given that these are highlights, for goodness sake, you’ve had time to do the research. It’s not like you have to hold all this stuff in your head as the live action unfolds…

Rant over. So, the key session for today was a short bike, and long-ish run, scheduled for 1:15:00, or around 14km at my pace. Now, this was always going to be ticklish, as the last time I tried to run any distance, I set myself back a couple of weeks. DW was away for the day, so no broom wagon support available either. I didn’t want to set off on a big ol’ loop and find myself miles from home when it all went horribly wrong again. So, I ran a short loop up and down the road, several times. Not the most inspiring route, but… I got ‘er done! 14km with no pain at all, and at a decent clip to boot.

Both of this week’s key sessions done, despite everything. Back on track. Feelin’ groovy.

February 17, 2013

I really am rubbish at resting.

Two days off and I thought I was going to go nuts. Even more nuts. That’s pathetic isn’t it?!

Decided to try a gentle hour bike ride watching some stage highlights from the Tour of Oman. I worked in the Middle East, not far from the Oman border and I really love the scenery and the atmosphere of this race.

I rode easy and I’d be lying if I said that my knee was none the worse for it, but no major damage done, I don’t think.