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April 7, 2013

Bit of a bitty day, but I got the job done.

On my bike at 8:30 and rode along with the Paris-Roubaix as I had to take DD to Bridgewater. Only 2:45:00 but it was a good hard ride actually! Those cobbles… :-)

Going to town gave me the opportunity to fit a swim in, so I went through to Lunenburg to the pool and swam a great set in 1:15:00, or so. 600m w/u, 10 x 40 drills, 10 x 200m. The 200s only varied by a few seconds first to last, average 1:42. Not fast, but encouraging nonetheless.

I finished the day off with a 6k run at what seems to have become base pace.

So, Fink’s ‘plan-that-im-not-following’ had me down for racing Olympic distance this weekend, which was never going to happen, but this felt like a tip of the hat in the right direction.

December 30, 2012

Well, I got out for a run… sort of. It was still fairly wild blizzard conditions out, and was a painfully slow hobble of a run. Thankfully, it wasn’t actually painful though. I took it gingerly, partly not to upset the healing progress, and partly not to upset my balance in the ice and snow. All good. Got back in one piece.

I wrapped some ice around it, more as a prophylactic, and an hour or so later decided to sit on my bike again…

Sufferfestukah Day 7 – A Very Dark Place
I wasn’t going to go all out at this again. No standing up out of the saddle, no hammering, no pushing big gears. I allowed myself the big chainring, but only in moderation!

I was watching the 2011 Paris-Nice stage live when Di Gregario managed to hold his bike upright, amazingly, and even though I know it’s coming in Interval 1, it still causes me a ‘whoa, sh*t’ exclamation – how’d he do that?!

However, in Interval 4, racing Cancellera over the Paris Roubaix cobbles, I maybe pushed things a little more than I should. Bah, it’ll be all right…

December 21st, 2012

Funny how great training days sometimes come out of nowhere…

I had intended to get up early and run in Liverpool before work, but events transpired against me, and so I didn’t. Cunning plan, Plan B, was to run at lunchtime, which I did and it was great. Ran up to Nickerson’s Pond, which is roughly 1k flat, 3k uphill, 3k downhill and 1k flat – 8k run at ‘sweet spot’ aero threshold, not because I was aiming at a pace, but it just felt right. My left knee is still causing me to limp when walking, but is painless when running! It feels like the vastus medialis has been used hard with biking and is use-sore – not injured, just achy like any other muscle can be. Aerobically, I feel great.

Got home and was feeling sleepy, cajolled myself into a bike session. It’s the first day of Sufferfestukah, thanks to Elle and Webb at triathletesjourney and so I lined up Downward Spiral as today’s beating. I did it. This is a great intervals session, descending from 2mins to 15s firstly over the cobbles of Paris-Roubaix. Love this part. Maybe it’s the kind of rider I am, but I can really feel the type of riding needed to power over those roads. The second section is a bit more out of the saddle and was the kind of hard work that made my vastus medialis throb in the first place! Managed to put a good effort – what a surprisingly good day’s effort!
Breakout track for the day from Downward Spiral… hmm… either ‘Breakdown‘ by Myranda Wheeler, or Fake’s ‘1,2,3,4‘ – neither sound so good out of context though!