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June 26, 2013

Another screwed up taper week day really, but again saved at the last minute. Messed up sleep last night and it wasn’t a good day to get up very early. It was another school event tonight, so had no time between getting in from work and going back out. Thankfully the event was done by 8pm and I managed a sufferfest session on the turbo trainer in the basement – Revolver 2013. This was a good session to do today, hard enough to remind my legs what they are supposed to be doing, but not so hard to leave me drained.

Ankle again untested but feels good enough, doing my exercises and have a repeat visit to the physio in the morning. I’m thinking that I could call in at a running shoe shop on the way in to town on Friday – I’m going to need another pair for training in anyway – what to get though? Real dilemma… I’ll chat with the physio about this, he’s a minimal shoe trail runner, so a good guy to speak to I guess.

March 26, 2013

By the end of today, I’m pretty happy with it from a tri training point of view!

Early start for a bike ride, tried out the newly revamped Revolver 2013 and despite the dawn hour I did actually put in a decent effort.

Declined a gym visit at lunchtime, I was back to feeling knackered again. I was in bed at 9:30 last night and seem to be needing as much sleep as I can fit in. My legs are recovering really well at the moment, no lingering muscle aches (although left knee is still just vaguely niggly) even after long or hard efforts, but systemically I feel like I’m taking a beating.

So, it didn’t bode well for the afternoon’s scheduled interval run session. Dragged myself out and warmed up for 4km, then managed 5 x 1km and a 1km jog to finish. 10km and 5km at probable 5km pace. Generally got faster as I relaxed into it, and the last one was 4:01. Not as fast as last year on paper, but there are other factors at play – just wait until I get my Newtons!

March 13, 2013

Another early start, though I was tired and actually fell back asleep. A slightly shorter session called for, so Revolver fitted the bill.

Really do feel tired today, accumulation of hours, big weekend, and yesterday’s intervals. Cycling this morning was a bit half-hearted, but that’s ok, the session served to help loosen things up more than work on specific weakness.

Short lunchtime core session. Nothing major.

I didn’t think I was going to be up for tonight’s swim session, but in fact, it went quite well. It was a toughie though, main set was 8 x 150m descending 1-4, 5-8 and 12 x 75 pull/kick/swim

February 2, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 8 – There Is No Try + Revolver

Bloody flipping Nora, this is what happens when Grunter (“I put the pain in Spain!”) Von Agony puts the queen stage of a grand tour together. He obviously took on the role of Race Director wholeheartedly, with great gusto. I’ve seen some tough stages in races but not one like this…

He had us on the track at one point where I’m chasing some beefy Chinese fella named Wang. Onto the road, we set off hoofing it up hill and down dale, I’m putting out some serious watts trying to get the hell away from Marc (“I put the Mad in Madiot!”) Madiot, and then he had us swapping to time trial bikes for a spot of head down hammerfest.

Then bugger me, but we literally headed up hill and down dale for a few laps of cyclocross mud action!

Holy crap! For the last bit of the race I ended up chasing some guy called Tatiana, I think, not sure I was even in the right race any more and as a coup de grace, they move the effing finish line another kilometre up the road!

I was I had the fancy-dan kit from Garmin to monitor my cadence and heart rate, and feed it into the laptop using Trainer Road. They have clever software that translates the effort you put into the bike trainer, into watts. A virtual power meter for $100 vs. 10x for a power hub or cranks.

No running… knee no better, hardly surprising, I’m hitting these workouts hard. Penultimate stage – the Tour of Sufferlandria finishes tomorrow :-(

December 27, 2012

Yes, another day, another sufferfest double bill. Catching up with Sufferfestukah… Day 4 and 5 in one.

First up, thesufferfest.com’s latest offering ‘The Wretched’. I love this. It might even be my new favourite. I can get into the race groove and keep the hit going. I was trying to keep a lid on it a little, especially standing, as my left knee still isn’t 100% though.

I followed up straight away with “Revolver”, a simple intervals session of minute on minute off times fifteen. You can really beat yourself to a pulp with this one! And by the end of #5, my head was hanging down and my knee aching. Took the next couple a little easier, but by the time we were into the cyclocross I was back pushing hard.

All in all, a great set. I worked hard at both halves of the workout. The bike totals for December are going to be high – probably the highest all year!