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Week 12 Review

This has been a really solid week. 16 hours, an hour over the ‘plan-that-im-not-following’. 6000m swimming, 262km cycling, and 67km running. This was planned as an ‘endurance breakthrough’ week, with no Z4 speedwork at all. I did hit some AeT threshold stuff in upper Z2, and overall my running pace was again remarkable, avg. 5:05min/km without speedwork.

I managed 2 swim sessions, and to be honest, I’m quite happy with the way the swimming is going, it’s the long bike rides that are worrying me most – or lack of ones that I feel are having the right training effect. Riding indoors for 4 hours is possible, and you even work up a sweat, but it doesn’t feel the same as battling hills and wind for hours. One hour power sessions, yeh sure, thesufferfest.com seems to do good things, but I have to get out for long rides. So, next weekend, come rain or shine, I’ll be out there. I need some long bikes, and some hard ‘muscular endurance’ rides, to make me confident that I’m going to be able to hold a good pace, yet still be fresh enough to hop off and run well.

To week 11, I’ll hope to build the hours another notch, add some speedwork back in, long bike ride is the featured workout, and another mid-week, mid-long ride. Aim for 3 swim sessions (what’s the water temperature?). So, a swim/bike focus week. Run-wise, kilometre intervals, a race pace mid-long run are the important sessions.

December 18th, 2012

Yesterday was a needed rest day. Last week was in excess of 11 hours and I felt it.

Today was a 8k at lunchtime, working from home. Fartlek really, gentle intervals. Ran a 400 in 1:34, which is reasonably for the time of year. Not planning to run much speedwork until into the new year, but as a reminder and loosener, this was good. Just did 6 or so ‘pickups’ of random distances, not all out, but enough to remind my legs what race pace is.

Missed tonight’s bike session due to the school xmas concert. Will try to fit it in early tomorrow before work.