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June 26, 2013

Another screwed up taper week day really, but again saved at the last minute. Messed up sleep last night and it wasn’t a good day to get up very early. It was another school event tonight, so had no time between getting in from work and going back out. Thankfully the event was done by 8pm and I managed a sufferfest session on the turbo trainer in the basement – Revolver 2013. This was a good session to do today, hard enough to remind my legs what they are supposed to be doing, but not so hard to leave me drained.

Ankle again untested but feels good enough, doing my exercises and have a repeat visit to the physio in the morning. I’m thinking that I could call in at a running shoe shop on the way in to town on Friday – I’m going to need another pair for training in anyway – what to get though? Real dilemma… I’ll chat with the physio about this, he’s a minimal shoe trail runner, so a good guy to speak to I guess.

March 20, 2013

Up early for another sufferfest ride, this time There Is No Try.

Turned out I had to take another vacation day, as the main sewer pipe for the house had collapsed and was leaking into the basement, so we spent the rest of the morning digging it up and replacing the broken join – that went more smoothly than it might have, to be honest! Still a pretty shitty job though…

Even though I was home for the day, I made the effort to drive through to Lunenburg for the tri club swim session. Another hard effort, and it certainly makes me feel as though I worked out, but I’m starting to panic a little about fitting distance swims in. I think I may have to take a month membership to the pool and just make the journey through – until the lakes are open, which could easily be a month away. One more BTC session in the block next week, need to plan when else I can get through.

March 19, 2013

Had to take a vacation day in order to fetch daughter from the airport on her way back from Greece with a school trip.

Thankfully, we got back with enough time to spare for some tri training, so it was straight on to the bike in the basement for The Wretched, a 50-minute ride, followed by an 8k run, 45min or so.

My legs were still pretty tight and sore from the weekend, and the sufferfest session worked them loose nicely, I have worked this session harder, bubt under the circumstances, I think I did quite well.

I ordered a pair of Newton running shoes, the Motion. In the meantime, there were a pair of ASICS 2160 floating around, so I have requisitioned them. Super excited about the Newtons. Today’s run felt surprisingly good after the bike ride – not fast, wasn’t pushing it, but a good base level run.

January 15, 2013

Ran 6.5k at lunchtime. I need to work on simplifying the categories I have created for logging runs at RunningAhead – sometimes I call that pace aero threshold, sometimes goal marathon pace and other times tempo, though tempo tends to mean a bit harder yet. Anyway under 5min/k, not super quick, but it wasn’t supposed to be. I was a bit pushed for time, and wanted to get the km count!

Got home and after sorting everything that needed to be sorted, I finally got on my bike at 8:30pm. A good hour ride doing Downward Spiral from the sufferfest and I definitely worked hard at it. All in all, a decent training day, I guess.

Left knee still causing some grief, and right calf a bit niggly too now. Probably telling me I’m getting too old for this malarky. Oh well, they can tell away… not listening – lalalala.

January 3, 2013

Knee continuing to improve, though the pain has migrated from above the knee to the inner aspect over the course of the day. Who knows, meniscus tear? Just muscular tightness coming out in odd places? Anyway… keeping on keeping on, ‘cos it’s not getting worse.

Another 6k run at lunchtime, outdoors in the snow. Pushed the pace a little as it felt good to be out, not fast, but not ambling.

This evening, There Is No Try, for no great reason. Still wary of getting out of the saddle, but seated I could hit the intervals pretty hard. Nice. I’m getting to be fond of this sufferfest, there are some great moments in the Tour de France coverage – I love the section where Thibaut Pinot (FDJ-BigMat) wins after a great 10k solo break, and manager Marc Madiot is doing a maddie oot the car windae – makes me smile every time.

December 27, 2012

Yes, another day, another sufferfest double bill. Catching up with Sufferfestukah… Day 4 and 5 in one.

First up, thesufferfest.com’s latest offering ‘The Wretched’. I love this. It might even be my new favourite. I can get into the race groove and keep the hit going. I was trying to keep a lid on it a little, especially standing, as my left knee still isn’t 100% though.

I followed up straight away with “Revolver”, a simple intervals session of minute on minute off times fifteen. You can really beat yourself to a pulp with this one! And by the end of #5, my head was hanging down and my knee aching. Took the next couple a little easier, but by the time we were into the cyclocross I was back pushing hard.

All in all, a great set. I worked hard at both halves of the workout. The bike totals for December are going to be high – probably the highest all year!