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December 27, 2012

Yes, another day, another sufferfest double bill. Catching up with Sufferfestukah… Day 4 and 5 in one.

First up, thesufferfest.com’s latest offering ‘The Wretched’. I love this. It might even be my new favourite. I can get into the race groove and keep the hit going. I was trying to keep a lid on it a little, especially standing, as my left knee still isn’t 100% though.

I followed up straight away with “Revolver”, a simple intervals session of minute on minute off times fifteen. You can really beat yourself to a pulp with this one! And by the end of #5, my head was hanging down and my knee aching. Took the next couple a little easier, but by the time we were into the cyclocross I was back pushing hard.

All in all, a great set. I worked hard at both halves of the workout. The bike totals for December are going to be high – probably the highest all year!

December 26th, 2012

Huh, well, that rest up didn’t last too long. I was getting a bit antsy not training, so I thought I would try out my new bike torture chamber down in the basement and ended up riding two hours. Thankfully, it doesn’t seem to have set my knee back too much…

Did my pre-abandoned Day 3 of Sufferfestukah – a Sufferlandrian double bill of Local Hero and Extra Shot. First up, Local Hero was the first video I bought from thesufferfest.com, but to be honest, it has never been one of my favourites. It’s long, for a start, at 1:25:00, and can be a grind to get through the sprints at the end. Favourite music track is probably “Let’s Go Shopping” by Twisterbait. Tacked on to the end was the Extra Shot: 20 minutes of down in one suffering – no warmup, cooldown or rest. At least doing these two as a double means that we get the repeated music track out of the way – the remix of Foreigner’s “Cold As Ice” that is featured in both. I prefer the remix to the bloody awful original, but still…

So, ok, got a couple of hours in, heading for a big bike total for December, maybe even the biggest of the year, which would be neat! I think running maybe needs to wait another day or two, we’ll see…

December 22nd, 2012

Ooft, tough day. Had such a blast yesterday that I went and spoiled it all by celebrating the first evening of my vacation with too much Captain Morgan!

Wasn’t hungover this morning but a little lacklustre! However, I bashed on with a 2:30 cycle on the trainer, followed by a 6k tempo run as a brick.

Watched the final hour of the Aussies Abroad Kona 2012 coverage, and great coverage it was too – if you ignore Liggett making like he knows the ironman world champs inside out.

Followed that with Angels – day 2 of Sufferfestukah! Didn’t hit 100% to be honest, made a decent effort of it though. Now, Angels is probably my fave Sufferfest session. I love the structure, the music, the vibe of this one. Stand out tracks are hard to pick, but I’ve long been a fan of ‘Midas’ by Tokyo – “In my dreams, I see white castles, beautiful as gold”, ‘Deep Sea Diver’ by Heifervescent – “the lengths that I must go to, to keep the flies away”, and the dubstep track part way up d’Huez, which is unlisted. Then, I finished off with a half hour episode of the ironman tv show.

Hopped off the bike, changed out of my drenched bike longs and went for a run. Set off hard but the pace caught with me on the way back. This wasn’t a bad thing as it reminded me that I shouldn’t be going eyeballs out at this of year, yet also reminded me about the evils of hard liquor, low calories and dehydration – lessons I need reminding of periodically! Still a decent run though.

I feel absolutely beat tonight though and at 9pm am contemplating the pleasures of bed. Tomorrow should be long run day – hmm…