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April 30, 2013

Biked this morning, a little half-heartedly I must admit, but did The Hunted.

Run intervals this evening was *much* more interesting! Found a sweatshirt at the roadside and thought my kids might know who it belonged to so took it home after my intervals set was finished…

Ran (5 x 400m @45s) x 2 @3min = 400m at average 3:40min/km pace. Great, I ran sets of 5 descending, first and sixth were around 1:35, and 5th and 10th @ 1:22, which is possibly faster than I have ever run before. Feel great.

So yes, back to the hoodie… kids didn’t recognise it until the RCMP posted a cctv photo of a suspect in an armed robbery today in the village! The fact that there was a robbery in little Caledonia was bizarre enough, finding a piece of evidence was quite funny.

May we live in interesting times.

March 12, 2013

Roaring through the week already. Up at 5:45am for an hour on the bike courtesy of The Hunted. Went well enough, though after the clock changed at the weekend it still felt like 4:45am.

Gym session at lunchtime, just some overall strength and stretching – good work feels like it does good.

Got home feeling a little sluggish, the hours from last week catching up with me, plus a relatively long day. Got out for a run though, 5k warmup, 5 x 800m intervals, 1k warmdown = 10km quality work. This was the first proper intervals session of the year and the first one felt a bit rough, but then I just got faster with the last one my fastest at 3:09 – still not all out. The primary goal of this session was NO INJURIES! Felt fantastic – really pleased with that.

Plan no more pace running this week, with a 25k race on Sunday.

February 28, 2013

Funny old day. Thought I was going to be time constrained, so I did today’s bike and run as a brick. Turned out I would have had plenty of time to space them out – don’t know that I would have put any bigger effort in though.

Biked the turbo session indoors due to poor winter weather still. The Hunted is a good Sufferfest when you don’t want to put everything into the bike session.

So an hour on the bike and off outdoors for a 45min run. Still feeling quite energetic running so at 25min I pushed z4 for 5 – no problems from knee or anything else for that matter. Things are going really well post-knee injury, bar whatever other medical issues I’m facing.

January 27, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 2 – The Hunted

Felt great on the climb and went over the top of La Punt with Raboboy – woohoo – not too shabby for a rouleur like me. And then… an effing puncture, I told them not to put the Conti Sprinters on. Bloody 10 minute advantage gone! I was never going to take it in the sprint and with the pack chasing hard, I dug deep for a series of attacks on the run in and held on by 100m for the Stage win. The last attack was tough though, carrying this slight knee injury, but it seems to be on the mend finally.

Speaking of which, I got out this afternoon after a rest and managed a decent 16km run. I even injected a little pace into the final 4k, nothing dramatic, but enough to reassure me that I *can* actually still run and enjoy it. Not 100% pain-free, but getting there… bring it ON!

December 29, 2012

Well, there’s a big dump of snow a’comin’ tonight and tomorrow which may rule out running (might not, have been known to run in blizzards). So, the question is, do I try to run today on a dodgy knee – or do I abandon running for the entire week :-(

Eta: didn’t get out for a run as it was getting dark by the time we got home from visiting friends. Did risk a bike session though… :-)

Sufferfestukah Day 6 – The Hunted
Ok, so I’m now several days behind, injured and was on the verge of giving up. However, I fought another day – woo. The Hunted is great, but I was consciously not hammering. In the saddle, in the middle chainring (stupid triple on my road bike), think of it as a cycling efficiency workout. Couldn’t help myself though with a little dig in the final tempo/attack sequences.
Tracks: like some of the others, I’m so used to the soundtrack that almost everything has it’s place (with the possible exception of ‘Song In My Head’, which really shouldnae be). Shoutout though, for Pistol Opera’s “Daddy was a Disco Dancer”.

Weather, yarrr, bring it on…