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June 8, 2013

Well, the tail end of some tropical storm blew through overnight and today, wind and heavy rain. Rather than endure 6 hours riding in the slop, I decided to swap the long run to today. This was a dodgy prospect given my ankle injury, but the plan was, that if I couldn’t run, I would sit on the trainer for longer than the already prescribed 90min, and hopefully also swim if the weather calmed down later.

Got on the bike in the morning to watch the prologue TT of the Tour de Suisse for an hour, and then did The Long Scream, making a good 1:30 effort on the bike.

Still not sure if I was going to be able to run, I put shoes on and jogged halfway down the drive – iffy, but decided to run 4km loops staying close to home and just take them one at a time. As a last minute decision, I popped a 400mg ibuprofen, something that I have never done before, and worried that it would mask pain that would otherwise warn me to stop sooner.

Set up an aid station outside and ran off on the first lap in the drizzly rain. The first lap was a bit sore, but I swapped shoes and ran another, then swapped shoes back and did another. Eventually, either the Vitamin I did the trick, or it just loosened up of it’s own accord and I felt better and better…

I did it – 32km! I had really worried about not being able to run on my right ankle, but I took it very gently and plodded my way through 8 x 4km. I took leisurely water stops and didn’t count it in to the time. 3 gels and a bottle of gatorade, which was great – did the job nicely.

This should be my longest run of the ironman build up. Great day in the end up.

January 31, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 6 – The Wretched + The Long Scream

Ok, so I’m fat, I admit it. The wife thinks I have some kind of eating disorder and won’t accept the fact that I’m skinny, but I know she’s wrong and that I have fat poundage to lose. Bleeding obvious; just look in the mirror. The only eating disorder that I have, is that I like doing it too much.

It all started after I won the last Tour of Sufferlandria – lots of parties, celebrations, opportunities to indulge the pleasures of the flesh, and slowly the off-season became a little extended. Before I knew it Wimbledon was on the telly, and I was supposed to be riding Le Tour. Oops.

I showed ‘em today though! Don’t mess with portly boy! Evans tried it for a while, but Cadel, ya fluffy stuffed lion toy ye, couldn’t keep it going. Over the top of the final climb I was only just behind the Gurner, but couldn’t quite catch Voekler before the descent. The final 30 mins though, man that just felt like one long screaming time trial, hoofing it towards the finish.

Binned the idea of a run today though. I suspect that it would be counter-productive – see what the ‘morrow brings…

December 19th, 2012

Got up early to fit in the absent bike ride from the day before. Not quite early enough. Only managed a Sufferfest ‘The Long Scream’ 30 minutes TT effort. My legs took a while to wake up and I generally felt like crap, however, something is always better than nothing.

Should have been the final masters swim session, but the snow started falling… I held on in town, got some shopping done and set off for Lunenburg to the pool. I got about halfway before deciding to turn around and head home. The roads were getting deeply covered and messy, even where the plow had been through. Got home slowly, it was the right decision, but did mean that I missed the last session :-( I’m only managing one swim per week as it is, so that was a blow.

Not a great day really. Left knee and right calf both complaining. I think the big hours last week are taking their toll.