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May 30, 2013

Not sleeping well at the moment, and so 5:30am was both a struggle and a relief. Nearly wimped out, but didn’t and got in the lake for a full hour session. The water is slowly, slowly warming up and the swim went fairly well, in fact.

I managed a doze at lunchtime and am generally feeling fairly good this week, so far.

Planned to ride 2 hours after supper, but that meant I was going to run out of daylight. So, I rode a TT to Keji for 40km, just shy of 36kph and then got on the trainer for The Wretched – got my hours in, and all of it good quality riding. Hopefully, two pace rides in a row do more good than harm.

… and so to bed once again. Sigh.

May 1, 2013

May already! Yikes… having said that, and touching wood furiously, things are going fairly well, I think. I’m running well, and putting in some good work on the bike. Swimming open water already, and I don’t think I’ll lose *too* much time in the swim. Equipment is coming together, my rear disc has been shipped as have race tires, so I should be able to test out my race bike properly soon.

Rode The Wretched this morning and felt surprisingly good. Bit of bounce back in the legs.

Swam 3k in the lake this evening – lovely, easy pace, no pressure… plenty warm enough. Only issue was with the back of my neck chafing – it’s never happened before.

April 17, 2013

Standard day getting the miles in. Early bike, this morning was The Wretched. Not at 100% after last night’s interval run session, I have to admit, but worked well as a loosener.

Swam after work: 600 wu, 12 x 80m, 15 x 40m, 12 x 20m, 200m cd = 2600m was a bit short as I didn’t get in the pool until 5pm and the tri club come in at 5:50 or so. Felt like hard work though! Shorter faster intervals on short rests – ooft.

Overall, the day and week has been a little short on hours so far, not by much, but it’s cumulative. I’m hoping to fit a longish session in tomorrow if the weather doesn’t close in before I get chance.

April 2, 2013

Early bike with The Wretched – worked on pushing a bigger gear, want some ‘force’ work to improve my ability to push hard when my legs are tired. Went well enough.

Tired leaving work, hungry too despite eating what seemed more than enough today. Had to ‘encourage’ myself out for a run, but once I got out, I had a belter! I wanted to do a set of 800s, so warmed up for 3k and then ran 6 x 800m @ 1min and a 1km warm down. The first rep was slow, but quickly improved and I ran the last 5 within 5s of each other, the third being the fastest at 3:00 even! That’s pretty fast for me, I think the shoes work! Holding that pace felt hard but doable and if you were to believe Bart Yasso, then running a BQ should be a piece of piss! We’ll see…

Hungry again this evening…

March 19, 2013

Had to take a vacation day in order to fetch daughter from the airport on her way back from Greece with a school trip.

Thankfully, we got back with enough time to spare for some tri training, so it was straight on to the bike in the basement for The Wretched, a 50-minute ride, followed by an 8k run, 45min or so.

My legs were still pretty tight and sore from the weekend, and the sufferfest session worked them loose nicely, I have worked this session harder, bubt under the circumstances, I think I did quite well.

I ordered a pair of Newton running shoes, the Motion. In the meantime, there were a pair of ASICS 2160 floating around, so I have requisitioned them. Super excited about the Newtons. Today’s run felt surprisingly good after the bike ride – not fast, wasn’t pushing it, but a good base level run.

March 2, 2013

Happy Brick Day! 3 hour ride followed by a 30min run made for a good morning’s work.

I’m starting to look forward to, and feel like I am needing, to ride out of doors. The trainer is great, especially in a snowy climate, and arguably you end up with a better quality of workout. I’m not absolutely sure about that though. Riding on the road just gives that constant variation; hills, wind, corners, and I’m feeling the need to get some road time in my legs. Not this weekend though, as winter has not yet finished with us and the roads are still a mess from the large dump of snow on Thursday night.

Rode the first 90mins watching the live coverage, in Italian, of the Strade Bianche. Good race, and the Tuscan scenery was beautiful. Couldn’t understand a word of rapid-fire Italian, but managed to get the jist of the race.

Next up was a slice of the 2012 Ironman World Championship, until the internet connection went phut, again, and I finished my long bike session with The Wretched.

Off the bike and a quick change, out of doors for 6k run at 5min/k pace. Felt absolutely great, I could easily have run a lot faster, but kept a lid on it.

Protein shake, shower, lunch and household chores. Feel tired from the early morning and exercise, but if I get a good night’s sleep I’m hoping I will feel recovered and fresh for tomorrow.

February 9, 2013

Still in the spirit of taking things easy, so I didn’t run today. Actually, that’s more because of high winds, low wind chill and blowing snow. The blizzard we were forecasted, turned out to be more wind than snowfall – still, not the nicest day to be out. Not that I’m a fair-weather runner, I’m absolutely not, I’ll be out there tomorrow come what may…

Coming to think of it, I didn’t run today not because of the weather, or because I was supposed to be taking it easy, but because it was long bike day! And I didn’t take it easy either.

This was a 3 hour, Sufferfest triple bill day. Angels, Hell Hath No Fury and The Wretched all at a good effort. I was having to dig to keep the effort high towards the end of The Wretched, right enough. Had to stop after the second hour for a bite to eat, took a cup of hot soup back down to the bike in the basement, that really hit the spot!

February 6, 2013

Up early, 5:45am, for a bike session. The Wretched was a great start to the day and really loosened my knee up! Nice.

Should have the masters swim session this evening, if the forecasted snow doesn’t once again impinge on my plans. It always used to snow on a Monday when I was taking my son through for drum lessons. The lessons finished and it now snows on a Wednesday to disrupt swimming instead, curious… roll on springtime.

I’m also hoping that I might finally manage to get to go see a doc about my knee problems. I’ve been putting it off, and then couldn’t get an appointment until the end of the month because of staffing issues at my local medical centre! We shall see, more later…

ETA: swim session was great. 200m swim w/u, 120m kick w/u, 6 x 80m @ 1:45, 400m descending swim/drill set, 6 x 80m @ 1:45, 200m c/d – call it a 2k session, but quite a lot of hard work.
Failed to get a doc apppointment again – what do you have to do?! Luckily a doc friend was swimming and took a look. Probably a tendinopathy right enough, as suspected, just odd that it has dragged on so long. Debating whether it’s worth having it x-rayed to see if there are arthritic changes, as there is familial history of arthritis – not sure that I want to know!

January 31, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 6 – The Wretched + The Long Scream

Ok, so I’m fat, I admit it. The wife thinks I have some kind of eating disorder and won’t accept the fact that I’m skinny, but I know she’s wrong and that I have fat poundage to lose. Bleeding obvious; just look in the mirror. The only eating disorder that I have, is that I like doing it too much.

It all started after I won the last Tour of Sufferlandria – lots of parties, celebrations, opportunities to indulge the pleasures of the flesh, and slowly the off-season became a little extended. Before I knew it Wimbledon was on the telly, and I was supposed to be riding Le Tour. Oops.

I showed ‘em today though! Don’t mess with portly boy! Evans tried it for a while, but Cadel, ya fluffy stuffed lion toy ye, couldn’t keep it going. Over the top of the final climb I was only just behind the Gurner, but couldn’t quite catch Voekler before the descent. The final 30 mins though, man that just felt like one long screaming time trial, hoofing it towards the finish.

Binned the idea of a run today though. I suspect that it would be counter-productive – see what the ‘morrow brings…

January 12, 2013

Woohoo… woke up this morning with a bing and noticed upon springing out of bed that my knee was still pain free(ish). This is good.

Did a double trip to Sufferlandria, first The Wretched, followed by A Very Dark Place, followed by 30min of the 2005 Ironman World Championship – 2.5 hours on the bike. Followed that with a 6k tempo run in the sunshine.

Knee was pain free during the bike, and I didn’t hold back too much on the sufferfests. Felt it on the run a bit, but probably 80% better, and it didn’t feel like it was holding me back too much. Flipping marvellous, back to it full steam ahead!