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June 20, 2013

Sleeping soundly this week thankfully, I need it. Feeling fairly stressed one way or another…

Early start and opted for the turbo trainer, There Is No Try, but I did only try, I didn’t just do. I did put out some effort for the intervals, but certainly not at 100%.

Made an appointment to go see a physio next week on Tuesday, with an option of a Thursday appointment too, if needed. The guy comes recommended by others in the Bridgewater Triathlon Club, so I’m really hoping that he can get me moving for the race, coupled with a few days rest again. I’ll make up the time swimming and biking and I don’t think it will harm me too much. Certainly what running I have done, has felt smooth and easy. It’s a shit load of stress to add at this time though :-(

I had planned a swim when I got home today, but when I did get back, I was tired and depressed, so I binned it. After supper and a ten minute lie-down, I feel a lot better physically and mentally. Heading for an early night, ankle feels great just now.

April 3, 2013

There Is No Try this morning – pushing the bigger gears, making sure my knees are ok – quest for the force!

Made it to the swimming pool after work. I had a tight hour before the tri club were due in and wanted to test myself with a steady endurance swim. I managed to rack up roughly 150 lengths, but I don’t actually know how long the pool is, so until I find out I can’t work out distance and pace. However, I swam continuously for 57mins and that’s what I set out to do. Happy with that. Wasn’t fast, but I felt like I was swimming as well as I can. Looking forward to getting in again, aiming for Friday early.

ETA: it’s there, on their website, this is a 20m pool, so I swam 3000m give or take a few. That’s up to date with Fink’s plan for the single endurance swim distance at this stage.

March 20, 2013

Up early for another sufferfest ride, this time There Is No Try.

Turned out I had to take another vacation day, as the main sewer pipe for the house had collapsed and was leaking into the basement, so we spent the rest of the morning digging it up and replacing the broken join – that went more smoothly than it might have, to be honest! Still a pretty shitty job though…

Even though I was home for the day, I made the effort to drive through to Lunenburg for the tri club swim session. Another hard effort, and it certainly makes me feel as though I worked out, but I’m starting to panic a little about fitting distance swims in. I think I may have to take a month membership to the pool and just make the journey through – until the lakes are open, which could easily be a month away. One more BTC session in the block next week, need to plan when else I can get through.

February 26, 2013

Got my x-rays, and bloodwork done this morning, then, feeling like a fraud, at least a very happy fraud, I got out for a 6k run at lunchtime. Stunning day, not too cold, clear blue sky, sunny and I felt like I was bounding along. I decided, rather than try to work out some formal intervals at this stage, to just do some pickups, or strides, or fartlek, whatever you want to call it. Went really well.

On to this evening, and it was a little more of a struggle to get going again after supper! But I did manage a half-decent attempt at There Is No Try. Vague niggle from knee, but nothing much.

So, follow-up doc appointment isn’t for 10 days, so I guess there isn’t anything too life threatening to report from the bloods, the high blood pressure is slightly curious given my lifestyle, diet, weight, exercise etc. I must admit to being an over-condimentor, so added salt at the table has gone, forĀ  starters…

February 2, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 8 – There Is No Try + Revolver

Bloody flipping Nora, this is what happens when Grunter (“I put the pain in Spain!”) Von Agony puts the queen stage of a grand tour together. He obviously took on the role of Race Director wholeheartedly, with great gusto. I’ve seen some tough stages in races but not one like this…

He had us on the track at one point where I’m chasing some beefy Chinese fella named Wang. Onto the road, we set off hoofing it up hill and down dale, I’m putting out some serious watts trying to get the hell away from Marc (“I put the Mad in Madiot!”) Madiot, and then he had us swapping to time trial bikes for a spot of head down hammerfest.

Then bugger me, but we literally headed up hill and down dale for a few laps of cyclocross mud action!

Holy crap! For the last bit of the race I ended up chasing some guy called Tatiana, I think, not sure I was even in the right race any more and as a coup de grace, they move the effing finish line another kilometre up the road!

I was I had the fancy-dan kit from Garmin to monitor my cadence and heart rate, and feed it into the laptop using Trainer Road. They have clever software that translates the effort you put into the bike trainer, into watts. A virtual power meter for $100 vs. 10x for a power hub or cranks.

No running… knee no better, hardly surprising, I’m hitting these workouts hard. Penultimate stage – the Tour of Sufferlandria finishes tomorrow :-(

January 3, 2013

Knee continuing to improve, though the pain has migrated from above the knee to the inner aspect over the course of the day. Who knows, meniscus tear? Just muscular tightness coming out in odd places? Anyway… keeping on keeping on, ‘cos it’s not getting worse.

Another 6k run at lunchtime, outdoors in the snow. Pushed the pace a little as it felt good to be out, not fast, but not ambling.

This evening, There Is No Try, for no great reason. Still wary of getting out of the saddle, but seated I could hit the intervals pretty hard. Nice. I’m getting to be fond of this sufferfest, there are some great moments in the Tour de France coverage – I love the section where Thibaut PinotĀ (FDJ-BigMat) wins after a great 10k solo break, and manager Marc Madiot is doing a maddie oot the car windae – makes me smile every time.