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February 2, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 8 – There Is No Try + Revolver

Bloody flipping Nora, this is what happens when Grunter (“I put the pain in Spain!”) Von Agony puts the queen stage of a grand tour together. He obviously took on the role of Race Director wholeheartedly, with great gusto. I’ve seen some tough stages in races but not one like this…

He had us on the track at one point where I’m chasing some beefy Chinese fella named Wang. Onto the road, we set off hoofing it up hill and down dale, I’m putting out some serious watts trying to get the hell away from Marc (“I put the Mad in Madiot!”) Madiot, and then he had us swapping to time trial bikes for a spot of head down hammerfest.

Then bugger me, but we literally headed up hill and down dale for a few laps of cyclocross mud action!

Holy crap! For the last bit of the race I ended up chasing some guy called Tatiana, I think, not sure I was even in the right race any more and as a coup de grace, they move the effing finish line another kilometre up the road!

I was I had the fancy-dan kit from Garmin to monitor my cadence and heart rate, and feed it into the laptop using Trainer Road. They have clever software that translates the effort you put into the bike trainer, into watts. A virtual power meter for $100 vs. 10x for a power hub or cranks.

No running… knee no better, hardly surprising, I’m hitting these workouts hard. Penultimate stage – the Tour of Sufferlandria finishes tomorrow :-(

January 31, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 6 – The Wretched + The Long Scream

Ok, so I’m fat, I admit it. The wife thinks I have some kind of eating disorder and won’t accept the fact that I’m skinny, but I know she’s wrong and that I have fat poundage to lose. Bleeding obvious; just look in the mirror. The only eating disorder that I have, is that I like doing it too much.

It all started after I won the last Tour of Sufferlandria – lots of parties, celebrations, opportunities to indulge the pleasures of the flesh, and slowly the off-season became a little extended. Before I knew it Wimbledon was on the telly, and I was supposed to be riding Le Tour. Oops.

I showed ‘em today though! Don’t mess with portly boy! Evans tried it for a while, but Cadel, ya fluffy stuffed lion toy ye, couldn’t keep it going. Over the top of the final climb I was only just behind the Gurner, but couldn’t quite catch Voekler before the descent. The final 30 mins though, man that just felt like one long screaming time trial, hoofing it towards the finish.

Binned the idea of a run today though. I suspect that it would be counter-productive – see what the ‘morrow brings…

January 30, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 5 – Angels

Early stage start this morning, climbed on my bike shortly before 6am. A bit tired and sore in the knee department, and for a while I was dreaming of white castles with Bertie, as he obviously hadn’t had his porridge either (don’t eat the beef, Bertie!). I did rally sorta, kinda, but didn’t manage to pull out as much of a gap as I would have liked. With several hundred Sufferlandrians all having the same idea of attacking on this stage, the team plan was a little confused – Grunter von Agony, the DS, yelling in my ear something about wildebeast, and greasing them as if pigs – what? Like I say, a little confused… it was as much as I could do to keep Sanchez in my sights and keep plugging away…

Off for an hour masters swim session this evening, and then home for a birthday glass of sparkly wine and much needed heavy nourishment!

January 29, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 4 – A Very Dark Place

Niggling bloody knee injury reappeared after a 40min run on the treadmill to get to the race start – damn team bus left without me! Had to take it easy out of the saddle with Gilbert taking a lead, nothing I could do other than watch him ride uphill away from me…

Back on the flat though we hit the cobbles, and rather than eat dirt I was hammering at the front with Cancellera for company. Stoked. Not my best day, especially when saving something for tomorrow’s mountain stage, had to bide my time. Plan to come back to this stage soon and really stick it.

January 28, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 3 – Extra Shot + Fight Club

Woo. Action right from the gun, Everyone shot off up the road and, to be honest, I was hanging on at the back, desperately trying not to get dropped – legs a little stiff from yesterday. However, by the time the berg bashing came around, I’d perked up and started making up some time. Took a breather whilst the pack headed out of Mendrisio, but then all hell broke loose. Was it a full moon or something? Everytime we settled into a rhythm, some bugger would attack and we’d all be scrambling for a wheel. By the fifth circuit I was spent, but managed to hang in the front group, so all-in-all a good day, tough and could have been a disaster, but got through it.

Other than that, a 30 minute easy gym session, core, stretch and a little upper.

January 27, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 2 – The Hunted

Felt great on the climb and went over the top of La Punt with Raboboy – woohoo – not too shabby for a rouleur like me. And then… an effing puncture, I told them not to put the Conti Sprinters on. Bloody 10 minute advantage gone! I was never going to take it in the sprint and with the pack chasing hard, I dug deep for a series of attacks on the run in and held on by 100m for the Stage win. The last attack was tough though, carrying this slight knee injury, but it seems to be on the mend finally.

Speaking of which, I got out this afternoon after a rest and managed a decent 16km run. I even injected a little pace into the final 4k, nothing dramatic, but enough to reassure me that I *can* actually still run and enjoy it. Not 100% pain-free, but getting there… bring it ON!

January 26, 2013

Tour of Sufferlandria – Stage 1 – Hell Hath No Fury

Well, I got away with the blond lassie and we had a good gap, but the Muur von Miserybergen kinda did for me and I got dusted in the sprint. Thankfully, the team pulled a corking team time trial, nailed it and set me up nicely after stage 1. Funny thing, I thought it was just me and her out front, but there are a thousand Sufferandrians all claiming the same thing, I musn’t have been looking behind awful much.

I’ve got a feeling tomorrow is going to be all about the break, got to stay away somehow and loose all those baying on my heels…

That was before breakfast. Before supper I got out for an 8km run, and to be honest it was much much better than yesterday’s run. Not a bad day.

Week 25 Review

This has actually been a fairly solid week of around 10.5 hours, which is on track for this time of year. Considering my knee pain, that’s an achievement. I had only planned to fit in 9 hours, but I managed more without having to overreach.

I saw my RMT in the middle of the week, and he reckoned there wasn’t any meniscus damage and that movement was a good thing – and I’m hoping that he’s right, things do seem to be on the mend. Saturday saw a 2.5hr ride followed by a 6k tempo run, and then Sunday saw a 16k long(ish) run. Good solid weekend, that’s what we need.

Coming week might be awkward as DW is away in Ontario for work and so I’ll be solo’ing chores, animals, kids etc. Looks like I may miss my one weekly swim, which is a royal pain. Can’t be helped though. Plan is pretty much the same as this week, maybe extending the long bike and long run at the weekend, just a bit. If I can top 11 hours, it will be plenty.

I think adding a little bit of tempo and pace into some workouts now is a good thing. Reminding the legs what it’s all about. Fairly soon, I want to re-introduce the midweek, midlong run at goal race pace, maybe this will wait until the Build phase from week 20 though. For that, I’m also thinking to do some hill reps rather than just straight 1k intervals. The long run needs to increase to the 25k range, and overall weekly mileage over 50km. Cycling plan is good for now, with the Tour of Sufferlandria coming up in week 21. Next couple of weeks, aim for a long-ish Saturday ride 3 or 3.5 hours. Once we’re into February, we’re into Build, and if I can get outside for a long ride or two it would be great, hope for a couple of 100k rides.